Thursday, April 14, 2016

Forever Exists! Secrets to Immortality Uncovered - Immortality and Health are getting CLOSER !!

Forever Exists! Secrets to Immortality Uncovered

Forever Exists! Secrets to Immortality Uncovered
4-14-2016 / In People,World
Ever thought of becoming immortal and living forever ? Well, the secrets have been uncovered after Chinese scientists for the first time revealed that gene editing tools like CRISPR can modify human embryos and can increase lifespan.
Well, technology has changed the way we live. Now there are several gene editing tools that can make you live forever.
Watching superheroes and being fascinated by their undefeated powers to live long and strong, somewhere we humans dream of to become immortal or wish to live long like them.   With somatic cell therapy and germ line editing, CRISPR can eradicate diseases. The modification fosters the multiplication of new cells and increases the life span of the human body, scientists say.
CRISPR spade into the cell nucleus and judiciously “manipulate DNA”. It further catches on embryos, sperms and eggs which lead to DNA replication and can make changes permanently.   The tool has a cell repair mechanism which has been compared to molecular scissors. It helps add a new piece of DNA and can slash age-related health disorders like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, this could edit the appearance of babies.
Transhumanist scientists are deeply working on to “knock out those genes” which are leading to age-related problems. Well, this is less complicated than adding a new piece of DNA. However, deciding which gene to be knocked out is still a riddle for scientists, according to HEALTHAIM.
There are several other gene editing tools like Zinc Finger Nuclease and Talen which can prevent ageing and can make you immortal.   Now researchers are tickling their grey matter to deal with gene disorders like sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis, using the same gene editing method.
In a report by Know Your Mobile, Google’s Ray Kurzweil said that “humans will be immortal by 2030s”.The idea behind it was to achieve the immortality which will connect humans to machines by creating cyborgs connected to the web and operating the lifestyle.

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