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A Cancer Survivors Story 74 yr old man given 3 weeks to live by Dr's. (Stage IV)
This is a wife writing a response to a question about
her Husband's medical history to Share with others.
There was a cloud hanging over our highlight of 2014, our 50th wedding anniversary celebration on 8-8-14  A year ago last fall R hurt his hip getting fire wood.  It never healed but just got worse.  All the doctors said it was damaged muscle and would take a long time to heal.  In Peru we did quite a lot of walking.  R bought a cane but after using it several days his rib cage was more sore than his hip.  He figured it was sore muscles that he hadn’t been using.  When we got home in Feb. we had a huge snow storm and the snow plow broke our mailbox post.  It was a 4 by 4 post set 2- 3 feet into the ground.  He had to dig that out and replace it.  That made his back very sore.  Again he thought it was sore muscles.  He could hardly lift while doing appliance installs for Lowe’s and had to hire help.  Every day he came home in terrible pain.  His orthopedic doctor ordered therapy 3 times a week.  By the end of May, R & the therapist agreed that it didn’t seem to be helping.  All of a sudden R had started losing weight.  Nothing tasted good, not even sweets & he had no appetite.   He lost about 50 lbs. & his muscles just melted away.  He went for a complete physical and had a PSA of 1,170 !  He was sent to a urologist.   He scheduled a bone scan & a prostate biopsy.   On June 10, 2014 the bone scan showed cancer in innumerable” places on his shoulders, spine, ribs, hip & skull, etc. and of course the biopsy revealed cancer—a stage 4 Very Aggressive prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bones. 
Dr said there was no cure but with hormone treatment he might buy some time.  One doctor said a very slow growing, non threatening prostate cancer can be activated by a trauma. Perhaps the hip damage was the trauma.   (His previous PSA test was 3.5)  The pain in his back was so severe that he could hardly climb stairs & he wasn’t sleeping well.  I had been gently rubbing his back & rib cage with magnesium gel (a muscle relaxer) and reading him to sleep at night.  On Father’s day C & family came to our house because R was unable to go to theirs.  She was shocked when she saw how her dad had deteriorated, skin & bones, no strength, no color, and in a lot of pain, despite pain medication.   Providentially about that time a local friend called to ask if R could do an electrical job for him.   He told us all about going to MD Anderson in Houston for his prostate cancer & encouraged R to go there.  He told Dr. ?, his doctor in Houston, all about R .  Dr. ? called us and talked to us about a relatively new hormone treatment called Degaralex that slows the growth of cancer.  Dr. said that unless R got that shot immediately he would probably live no more than 3 weeks. 
Because of complications getting a local oncologist it was now July 3rd, the eve of a holiday.  Dr. ? spent 2 hours trying to find a local Dr. that would give the shot, including the dr at the emergency room.  He never got even one doctor to answer his phone.  Providentially, a few days before Dr. ? called, the minister who preached for R in 2008 when he had his jaw surgery called from VA, where he now pastors, and wanted to come to area and have a prayer service for R with the elders of our church, following the James chapter 5 instructions.  The day after that prayer service           , I went to the health food store met a man who gave me the name & phone number of his friend, Don Porter, who had the same cancer as R,  7+ years ago & is now healthy & cancer free at age 77.  He is from Florida and New England but has a summer home locally where R did electrical work).  When Dr. ? couldn’t find a doctor to give R the Degaralex shot, I asked him if he wanted to call Don Porter.  R said, “Yes,— at least we can do something.”  Don came down on July 4th and spent 3 hours with us explaining the baking soda protocol, Oxygen, Green teas, Herbal Aloe Force and the diet he had followed that brought back his health and the reasons why it all works, and he was the picture of health.  Don said that Oxygen will kill R's cancer and wanted R to do a real lot of deep breathing. He also spoke to R about rebuilding the God given miracle that R had, that was his Immune System.  Once R killed the cancer with high alkalinity that he had to rebuild all those cells and bone with his regenerated immune system. Don said that high alkalinity meant that more oxygen would go into R's cells and along with lots of deep breathing R would kill his cancer and then be able to rebuild all those cancer areas. He mentioned Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize Winner for discovering this, and The Real Cause of Cancer ,and he brought some books - Recalled by Life and Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy.  
Don was very eloquent and convincing, and  I said I wanted the approval of our children so I called C and Don explained the whole protocol, diet and everything to her.  R agreed to give it a try & C agreed to help me get the food & fix it (an all organic whole foods diet plus some supplements, a set menu for a week, repeated each week).  Don said we did need to get the hormone shot as soon as possible.    R started the baking soda protocol that evening—an 11 day protocol.  The theory he focused on was that is that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment but thrives in an acidic environment.  Baking soda is very alkaline.  The baking soda protocol will temporarily raise R's alkalinity (urine and saliva tests show)  as it takes 4 months to change R's blood. The Baking Soda high alkalinity is to kill existing cancer and the diet is designed to build the immune system to make, then keep, the body healthy and alkaline. Don gave us a LONG list of things that R was NOT to eat, (his "NO" chemical foods) primarily packaged foods, fast foods, red meat, sodas, and really wanted R to try to eat only organic. Some of the foods, green teas were chinese and hard to find. Don also wanted us to throw away most of the vitamins, and more, that we had accumulated, and focus on very specific herbs like Theracurmn,  Resveratrol, Astralagus, etc.
C & I went ) shopping that night and got as much food as we could get locally in a store that stayed open all night (even on July 4th), she got the rest of it the next day, and the following day (Sunday) came after church & stayed till midnight steaming vegetables and getting meals fixed & labeled for a week.  R started the diet with supper on Sunday the July 6th.     By July 9th R's pain was nearly gone and July 10th all pain gone (no more pain medication at all). C is an excellent cook and is very fast and organized. R finally got the Degaralex shot on July 15 to stop the production of Testosterone which Don said feeds prostate cancer.  This drug lasts one month.  Dr. P, the local oncologist, said the drug might cause osteoporosis and wanted to give him another drug to strengthen bones, but one of the side effects was deterioration of the jaw bone.  (R only has one jaw bone since the other was replaced with pelvic bone in 2008.)  He also wanted to give Chemo treatments.  R declined those two options.   Dr P said R would feel worse for a week or two while his body reacted against the new drug, but in 2 days R was feeling much better.  (He had just finished the baking soda protocol.)  By the time S arrived from Peru for our anniversary celebration R was up & around helping him do jobs.   On August 14th R got his 2nd shot and PSA test.  Dr P said that if the PSA came down to 700 he got a “C”,  if it was 500 he got an “A”.  Everyone was VERY shocked to hear that it had come down to 45. 
On Sept 15, 2014 he went to MD Anderson in Houston to see the Dr. that ordered the first Degaralex shot (given by a local oncologist).  However MD Anderson set him up to see a different Dr. who tried his best to talk him into doing chemo, which R resisted.  They did blood work and said he was anemic.  They did a prostate exam and said his prostate was no longer enlarged or hard.  They did another bone scan and said it still showed cancer in his bones.  Then they gave him another hormone shot called Lupron, which lasts for 3 months.  These shots tell the brain not to make testosterone. The MD Anderson Drs. were really quite shocked at R's reversal . The PSA had dropped to 17 and his prostate was no longer enlarged & hard.    In October the PSA had dropped to 10.  R has continued to make a complete turnaround.  His pain is long gone without any pain medication, just Herbal Aloe Force, diet and deep breathing, his color is good, he has quit losing weight, has a good appetite & is enjoying food again (still on the diet for the most part though “cheating” now and then)’ and is sleeping very well.  He feels like being productive and has done a lot of home repairs, hauls wood for the furnace & keeps it going, walks a half hour/day & does exercises to build back his muscles.  C still comes one day a week, brings most of the food and steams all the vegetables for the week.  She also bakes the salmon for 4 meals.  I am usually in therapy while C is here so she & R get all the meals for the week packaged and labeled (Mon. lunch, Mon. snack, Mon. dinner, etc.) and  put in the frig or freezer.   I have all the organic beans, brown & wild rice, quinoa, lentils, etc. for the week cooked before C gets here so that the labeled meals contain everything needed for that meal.   He still drinks the Green teas, takes the Aloe Force 3 times/ day, and takes the supplements you suggested.  He still does the filtered water and stays away from the acidic chemical foods.  JK. told him to eat broccoli sprouts so he does eat a salad using alkaline veggies (cucumber, celery, spinach & mixed greens with the sprouts with no dressing (except sometimes fresh made guacamole) but grinds a little organic peppercorns on his salad.  I have been trying to add more green foods to the diet (when it calls for broccoli or chard or kale I add extra) but that doesn’t seem to bring the ph up.
We are especially thankful for the gift of God - Don Porter: This is made very real when we realize how quickly this life can be taken away.

R  Cancer #2
June 4, 2014  Physical Exam    Dr. K                                 PSA 1172
 June 10          Prostate Exam     Dr. S, Urologist               PSA 790
 June 16          Whole body Bone Scan                                PSA 841
 June 20          Bone Scan results and Prostate Biopsy Stage IV Aggressive Prostate Cancer metastasized to many bones in Innumerable places in shoulders, ribs, spine, hip, & skull, with no cure available a 3 week survival circumstance due to severity and multiplicity of cancer zones.
July  4            Meeting with Don Porter
July 17           Consultation w/ Dr. P, Oncologist                 PSA 1018
July 18           First Degaralex Shots (2) (Hormone Treatment)  lasts one month
August 15       Second Degaralex Shots (2)                         PSA 45
September 15  Dr. T  MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center, Houston, TX
                         First Lupron Shot (Hormone Treatment) (lasts 3 months)
                         Prostate no longer enlarged and hard          PSA 17
October 15        Dr. P               Blood Tests                            PSA 10.9
December 15     Dr. P              Blood Tests                             PSA 6.5
                          All 55 areas tested have either improved or are in normal range
                         Second Lupron Shot (Lasts 3 months)
6-12-2015  Here is an updated version of the report I sent you earlier. Trust you are doing well. R has been doing electrical jobs again and is doing some preaching. We leave for ND next week for a reunion with his 6 siblings. We still follow the diet most of the time but that may be hard while we are away. We are very thankful for all your help.
March 5, 2015 Dr. Pk    Blood Tests                          PSA 5.75
 All 55 areas tested are now in normal range.   One area tested, Alkaline Phosphatase, had been very high.  Normal range is  40-150.  In Aug it was 2572.  In Oct it was 881.  Dec test was 270.  March 5th was 111.  I asked Dr. P what that measured.  He said when there  are cancer tumors on the bones and the bones begin breaking down that substance is released into the blood.   Third Lupron Shot (Lasts 3 months)
March 5    Dr. K  Two large lumps on R’s head that he has had for a number of years were to be surgically removed this month.  One has almost completely disappeared and the other one is much smaller, so that surgery was cancelled.
June 4      Dr. P     Blood Tests    PSA 5.44      All 55 areas tested are now in normal range. We discussed two areas that had previously been low.  He said they were the red and white blood cells and probably indicated that the cancer had spread into the bone marrow but now are in normal range.   Hormone treatment shot changed to Eligard  (Lasts 3 months)

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