Monday, January 5, 2015

Exceptional Health @78. Here’s How I Did It - still Do It - Nearly Anyone CAN !

Exceptional Health @78. Here’s How I Did It - still Do It -
Nearly Anyone CAN !

 Donald J. Porter, cured stage IV metasticised Prostate cancer 8 years ago - NO Poison Chemo or radiation 

·        Deep Breathing - Oxygen intake kills bad cells that CAUSE Illnesses/iseases/cancer
·        High Alkalinity Organic Diet - More Oxygen per cell, Minimize Chemicals in food
·        Quality Water, Green Teas, Quality Herbs, Exercise
All to Max the efficiency/ability of YOUR Immune System Function
When I was younger, I never made the decision to think about how I wanted to live in my older years. Today, at 78, I’m living the way I sort of hoped I would: an active high-energy life free of illness, arthritis, cancer, heart issues, etc.. This didn’t happen by accident, or because of good genes. It happened on purpose, because I made a conscious choice with my other half.
When I meet people my age who suffer from degenerative diseases, I’m really troubled because I know it doesn’t have to be this way. Excellent health is three-pronged: diet, exercise/oxygen and state of mind. If you’re young and want to get serious about how you’ll live in your older years, I suggest seriously thinking about all three of these Issues/comitments right now.
I eat fresh, all organic and local whenever possible, completely avoiding processed, fast and packaged foods. Sugar and wheat aren’t part of my diet, and I seek to include certain herbs with every meal. We get plenty of good fats, use Sea salt, eat organic nuts and grains that are soaked and/or sprouted. I STRONGLY avoid both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Whether your vegetarian or vegan, these same guidelines can apply. Try your best to eat only grass-fed, pastured, organic meats and raw, organic dairy from grass-fed cows. Stay away from any factory-farmed meats and pasteurized dairy.
Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and you can do daily. If you love the gym, great. If you don’t, find something else. Walking, yoga, sports, dancing, cycling, anything that will get you up and moving is perfect. Pick an activity you look forward to doing so you don’t procrastinate. Remember, the best exercise is the one you will do consistently, and enjoy.
State of Mind
You can eat well and exercise, but if you’re frequently stressed, your health will suffer. Get lots of sleep, appreciate yourself, stay happy and be peaceful.  If you want to stay healthy and vibrant into your later years, you need to ONLY do what is beneficial to you and your Immune System ! Any Drs. that urge your use of Drugs, rather that quality organic high alkaline diets, MUST be AVOIDED
ALWAYS seek THE CAUSE of any health issues !!

. Don’t wait until you start to get sick to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you’re already sick, you CAN do something about it by giving yourself excellent nutrition, getting exercise and dealing with your stress. Drugs DO NOT address the cause and ALL drugs have side effects !

I have cured cancers. Drs. do not know how to, as they are PRIMARILY in a NO HEAL-- NO CURE, AMA brainwashed, revenue creating mode, and never seek causes !! Overworked immune Systems are mostly the cause of illness!
Chemo destroys the immune system - which, of course,

is near Barbaric !