Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WW 3 is spreading ----Thx to Obama-Liberals

WW 3 is spreading  ----Thx to Obama-Liberals

To: All interested People -- especially liberals 12-10-2014

A view from a Democrat --- As I commented on over the weekend the war of minorities is expanding in the Middle East.  Eventually it will include Saudi Arabia.  The Sunni and Shiites are majority in one country and minority in another.  The Sunni's have attacked minorities in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan.  The Shiites have responded.  Israel is on tenderhooks, as is Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and every other nation that has the potential for religious war.  If its not the Muslims fighting among themselves, its Christians and Muslims fighting each other in Nigeria.  Nigeria is the nation that stands the greatest risk in breaking down into a nation of chronic killing similar to Syria and Iraq.   Thus far hundred of thousands of people in Iraq and Syria have died.  Millions have been misplaced.  Thousands have died in Somila, Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya,  and Afghanistan.  Deaths are beginning to increase in other Middle Eastern nations.  The number of Iranian military dying in Syria is increasing.  This war is spreading.  Religious wars have no  boundaries.  People who are psychologically attracted to extremism, will choose either a political or religious theatre.  Currently its an addiction to religious extremism that is creating massive misery for millions around the world.  The only way it can end is for moderates, those not attracted to extremism to decide that enough is enough.  We seem to be a long way from that happening.  If however extremist activity picks up in China, India, Russia, Europe and South and North America, the war will spread rapidly and viciously.