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Exercise Proving to be a Weapon Against Cancer

Exercise Proving to be a Weapon Against Cancer
Guest Writer -David Haas-Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guest Blogger"

Fighting a serious disease like cancer requires the best from both you and your doctors. In this fight, you will want to have every weapon available in your arsenal. One of those weapons is something you might not normally think of; your fitness level. Science is finding that exercise has a wide array of positive benefits, even for those dealing with an illness. A regular exercise routine tailored to your abilities can increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, and lift your spirits. Let's look at some of the many benefits exercise can give you in your fight.
Increased Energy

Regular exercise increases energy levels by increasing one’s metabolism, even for those with forms of cancer like mesothelioma. This, in turn, can bring your weight under control and can certainly help your self esteem increase as well. Furthermore, if you incorporate resistance training into your routine, you will even burn calories when you are at rest due to the additional muscle you will be adding.
Immune System Boost

Studies have shown that exercise is very helpful in increasing the activity of the immune system. It increases the activity of natural killer cells and even moderate exercise is beneficial for the immune system. These benefits remain, even hours after the exercise is completed. If you are going to beat cancer, ultimately it is your own immune system that must do the "heavy lifting". Exercise is a great way to prime your immune system for battle and compliment whatever treatment your doctor has already prescribed.
Stress Relief

Battling cancer can take a toll mentally, physically, and financially which can in turn cause a great deal stress. However, exercise is great tool for fighting back and relieving one’s worries. For example, when you are stressed, your body produces various chemicals, mainly a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol is best known as the "fight or flight" chemical. It is effective for its given purpose, but elevated and prolonged levels of stress can keep it circulating longer than needed, weakening your immune system.
A study conducted by the Elazig First University Medical Department found a large correlation between levels of cortisol and the exercise intensity. They also found that regular, moderate exercise has significant positive effects on the immune system by increasing the numbers of protective immunoglobulins.

Positive Effects Upon Mood

Depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand with prolonged bouts of illness. Fortunately, exercise can help here also. When you exercise, your body secretes certain brain chemicals such as endorphins, the body's own pain killer.

If you would like to experience the benefits of exercise for yourself, be sure to consult your doctor first to find a routine that is right for you.

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