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HEALING OUTSIDE THE BOX -“You Can Beat Cancer, This Man Did” with Donald J. Porter


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NHTV Show #91. “You Can Beat Cancer, This Man Did” with Donald J. Porter
Don Porter Beat Cancer

For addit Info: Tel: 860-227-1328 -Email: – Contact Person: Kimberly Porter Dowie

HEALING OUTSIDE THE BOX Host – Jimmy Driscoll is a Native from Methuen, MA. A graduate from Dean College, he also attended Boston University & The New England School of Broadasting, majoring in theatre arts & communications. In 1986 he signed with Chrysalis Records as the lead singer in the heavy metal band “Trouble Tribe”. From there the band appeared on MTV, & toured the county. As the music changed, Jimmy was asked to become the production coordinator for Peter Gation who owned 4 night clugs in Manhattan, The Palladium, The Limelight, Club USA & The Tunnel. They were, at that time, the New York City “Hot Spots” for night clubs & entertainment. Some of the events were “Aretha Franklin, Queen Latifa, Mary J. Bligh, Prince, Tupac, Dream theatre, LL Cool J, Pearl Jam, Ice Cube, MTV Music awards, Friday night video, “Madonna Exposed”, College Music Festival, Bill Cinton Democratic Thank You Party, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Dan Akroyd & Bo Didly.

Movies: Bright Lights, Big City with Michael J. Fox, Stranger Among Us, with Melanie Griffith, Night In The City with Robert Dinero & Carlito’s Way with Al Pacino & Sean Penn.

Jimmy moved to New London, CT in 1995, became a union carpenter & got back into regional theatre & independent film work. He continued to work in the city as an actor on episodic TV, major motion pictures & the cable network. For the past 7 years, Jimmy, has produced & co-directed his own independent films & has formed his own film company “Drefus Films” where he hopes to continue financed productions with global distribution.
Jimmy’s latest project, which he produced & stars in is the movie “The Fence”. Jimmy may be reached at

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To access our show on ATT Uverse, please go to and follow the directions. The show times will be the same as listed under North Haven Public Television -
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Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Also, our show will be seen on other days in the week at different times every week. For show schedules, please visit:
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NORTHFORD PUBLIC TELEVISION – (Totoket – Channel 18)Show Schedule
Please goto their website to see days and times our show will be playing.

Mondays at 9:00 AM-Tuesdays at 11:00 PM-Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Thursdays at 7:00 AM -Fridays at 7:00 PM Sundays at 9:00 PM Or because there are always program changes, please visit their website at:
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Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. & I have not had any medical training. I am just a person who has corrected my former cancer problem & simply chooses to share what I have learned with others. My hope is that it will give you the incentive to do some research yourself & then educate others about what you have learned. The only way we can truly be free is if we
rely on ourselves to find the truth & not rely on others who have vested interests in presenting us with their marketing version of the “truth”. Plant Based Diet is the KEY !

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