Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple formula to beat heart disease, cancers & most other illnesses & diseases.

A lot of the YouTubes, Forks Over Knives along with a growing number of others about changing one's diet & Dr. Esselston ( Bill Clinton & now CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta) are more about a diet for people with heart disease, but the principle is the same ---- people need to clean up their diets, quit eating red meat, over chemicalized foods & eat organic fruits & veggies so as to rid our bodies of all the processed foods, chemicals, preservatives, hormones, Drugs, etc. & give our immune systems a chance to work as they were intended to fight off cancer & other illnesses & diseases. Overworked Immune Sytems fighting off excess chemicals is a MAJOR problem in America

. The big difference in heart diets & cancer diets is that the #1 thing cancer of any kind feeds off of is sugar----NO sugar of any kind is allowed for cancer issues.
It wasn't a FUN diet for Don Porter, but it sure beat the alternative!