Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dr. Sattilaro Beat Cancer with a Plant Based Diet - Macrobiotic

Anthony J. Sattilaro, M.D., was president of Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia when he was diagnosed with severe prostate cancer that had spread to his ribs, bones, brain, right shoulder, & testicles. He was operated on & given the usual AMA poisons, incl . 3 operations in 3 weeks. He became perhaps the most famous advocate for the use of diet against cancer. In his best-selling book “Recalled by Life”, he told how he adopted a low-fat, Macrobiotic diet and far outlived(11 years) the grave prognosis he had been given. The diet he followed is called "Macrobiotic" which is drawn from the best elements of a traditional Asian diet, including generous amounts of rice, whole grains, vegetables, beans, & nuts, . NO –oil, sugar, flour, fish, fruit, and all organic. Our immune systems are overwhelmed by the chemicals/preservatives (poisons), pesticides, growth hormones, etc. overly used to extend shelf life, make food look/taste & smell good & create revenues from packaged foods.
We are the sickest country due to the money driven monopolistic FDA, Pharmaceutical cos., AMA, it’s MD’s ignoring chemicalized diets as “the cause of most illness & diseases” & MD's staggering abuse of drugs. This vile & parasitic medical establishment has sickened, maimed, & killed hundreds of millions of people while building a MASSIVE health care industry of ongoing poor health, chemical/pkgd. diets, with a strong overweight public component.
When Dr. Sattilaro, picked up two hippie hitchhikers one day, they told him that "Cancer isn't all that hard to cure." Ridiculous though the statement would seem to a hospital president such as Dr. Sattilaro, the issue was awfully close to home. Dr. Sattilaro, still in his 40’s, had terminal cancer. The dr. had already received the worst possible news: cancer had spread throughout his body. It was inoperable and untreatable. He was going to die. If hunger is the best condiment, then desperation must surely be the most teachable moment. The seemingly inane remarks by his counterculture passengers prompted Sattilaro to try a rigid meatless macrobiotic diet, high in whole grains, beans & vegetables. Astonishingly, it worked. In a matter of months, his Drs. could not find any trace of cancer in his body
Throughout this book I've been asking the rhetorical question, "Who are the quacks?" I've strongly implied, to say the least, that they are the conventional, tunnel-visioned, synchophantic yes-persons of the medical, dietetic and pharmaceutical professions. Not alone in this criticism, I quote endocrinologist Deepak Chopra, MD, author of many best-selling books: "More people live off cancer than die from it." There is no profit in prevention, but plenty of money in disease. Like the "firemen" in Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, medical science encourages fires and then glamorizes their bungled attempts to put them out. By ignoring the evidence (and saying it is anecdotal or non-scientific), doctors and dietitians have closed the moseleum door on millions.
A bizarre scenario indeed is our "war on cancer."