Monday, April 11, 2011

Dirk Benedict, B.A., Faceman, Murdock & Hannibal live on in movie theaters, as
'The A-Team' one of TV land's most beloved band of renegades?
Dirk Benedict – Author “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy”
A True Story of Discovery, Acting, Health, Illness, Recovery & Life

Was born in Montana on March 1st, 1945. He was raised in the USA. He garnered his 1st acting experiences (on a dare) in a college production of Showboat, where he got the main part. His father, a lawyer, died when Dirk was 18, which was hard for him to take. While working on Georgia, Georgia in Sweden, he 1st learned about macrobiotic diets & changed his eating habits, drastically. He was 26 at the time. A few years later, doctors found that he had cancer of the prostate. He refused to accept the usual treatment & moved away to a secluded cottage in Vermont, CT. Dirk managed to cure himself from cancer by following the rules of his macrobiotic diet.
When he got a part as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica in 1978, the Drs. stated that he was in good health. Dirk's main successes were Battlestar Galactica, as Starbuck, & the TV series, The A-Team, in which he played Templeton(The Face) Peck. He was formerly married to actress Toni Hudson & is now divorced. He has two sons (George & Roland). Currently touring worldwide , sharing his “wellness successes”.