Monday, April 11, 2011

Cancer Success Story - D. Porter

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Cancer Success Story - Don Porter Read the inspiring story of Don Porter, who cured his stage IV metastasized prostate cancer with natural methods...

Cancer Success Story - Don Porter

“My Beating Stage IV Metastasized Prostate Cancer”
I was diagnosed, in April 2007 with a 39.6 PSA & related tests (including a biopsy) that clearly identified Metastasized Stage 4 Prostate Cancer to my left pelvic bone & received a 3-6 year death sentence from an MD. I have had many people contact me saying that they wanted to hear how I did it and Ty Bollinger asked me to share my success story with his readers.
After the rather significant overdose of medical negativeness, I concentrated on what is possible, having studied Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, David Williams, Tony Robbins, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Andrew Weil, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Dr. Julian Whitaker, Verne Varona and reread my version of the bible - Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict. Dirk earned a bit of notoriety/fame from his participation in the A-Team, Battlestar Gallactica, Charlie’s Angels, etc. I determined that we all enjoy a body that is a miraculous machine that must be aligned properly with a quality diet, exercise, quality liquids, deep breathing, organic foods, & minimum stress in a FAST paced society along with some occasional “TLC”.
I went on a strict macrobiotic/organic plant based diet. I embarked on a mission of wellness immune system enhancement, engaged in/on a strict macrobiotic-organic diet, and in 8+ weeks dropped from 154 pounds,(@ 5’9”), to 132, a 22 pound loss. I also discovered that it takes about 4 months to fully change our blood. Therefore, I remained on a modified organic/macrobiotic diet. As my investigations (due diligence) indicated that my immune system was restored to a positive state, I kept searching for additional enhancement methods, protocols, herbs, nutrients, etc.
I finally found the baking soda and/ or cesium chloride experts that had experienced success in beating cancers. A good one was Vern (Vito) Johnston and his “common sense” protocol found on his internet site. My results were almost identical to Vern’s. I have no residual effects from the April 2007 debilitating diagnosis! I now am able to eat some “regular” meals & dinners from a menu at a normal American restaurant. I still concentrate on organic foods, brown rice, beans, various green veggies, and whole oats at breakfast, filtered water, deep breathing, walking 30+ minutes a day, 8 hours of sleep, fruits, apricot seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, some herbs, a few special vitamins, & occasional baking soda. All of my efforts diet wise, breathing, water, green teas, etc. are to maintain a slight alkalinity.
My success was in large part due to the considerable assistance & contributions of my wife Liz, Verne Varona (the world’s top macrobiotic counselor & author of several diet books including his latest – Macrobiotics for Dummies), Michio Kushi’s books, & many others.

What I accomplished is not mine – It is gathered from many sources & is for all to benefit from. Whatever I have done ANYONE CAN DO !