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Beating Cancer with Baking Soda

Cure Cancer with Baking Soda?
By Paul Fassa | August 10, 2010 |
The amazing abundance of alternative cancer treatments and cancer cures is more than most of us know. The more notorious alternative cancer cures are the ones that get attacked viciously by mainstream medicine's AMA, Big Pharma, and the FDA because they seriously threaten the medical monopoly with their potential for high practitioner application and public acceptance. Then there are those inexpensive non-toxic cancer treatments that slip under the radar, virtually unnoticed. Some become like folk medicines that don't require much supervision or equipment. In other words, they can be administered by the patient at home. Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda is such a substance.
A Little Background on Baking Soda
Various components of bicarbonate of soda were used as cleansing agents as far back as ancient Egypt. A French chemist, Nicolas Leblanc, produced sodium carbonate or soda ash in 1791. In 1846, two New York bakers, John Dwight and Austin Church, established a factory developing baking soda from sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide. Bicarbonate of soda was mined originally from an abundant natural mineral form known as naholite. When its acid neutralizing properties were discovered, the substance made its way into medical circles.
There were reports of baking soda successfully curing victims of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Doctors were prescribing it for colds and flu throughout the 1930s. Baking soda has been known to cure gout, and is still used for severe cases of acidosis and aspirin overdose. The characteristic to keep in mind is baking soda's ability to raise the pH or alkanize.
Don't confuse baking powder with baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Baking powder contains aluminum that is hazardous to health. Though there has been concern about the most commonly known baking soda as possibly having aluminum in it, most believe that it's actually aluminum-free. If you want to play it ultra safe, there is a more expensive brand that promotes its baking powder as being aluminum free.

The Doctors Who Cure Cancer With Baking Soda
Dr. Mark Sircus, an American who operates a clinic in Brazil, mentions oncology's use of bicarbonate of soda in conjunction with chemotherapy to help protect vital organs, especially the kidneys, from the chemo's poison. He asserts that chemo patients would die without it. He doesn't use chemo, by the way.
Dr. Sircus prefers using intravenous drips to get bicarbonate solutions into his patients' cancerous areas in his Brazil clinic. But he also advocates taking aluminum-free baking soda orally with maple syrup or blackstrap molasses in his book Sodium Bicarbonate - Rich Man`s Poor Man`s Cancer Treatment.
Tullio Simoncini MD, a Rome based oncologist, has successfully healed cancer patients using baking soda to flush cancerous areas by injection or catheter. He considers the oral use of sodium bicarbonate limited to areas of direct contact throughout the digestive tract.
Dr. Simoncini is convinced that baking soda's anti-fungal action is the curative agent. He has observed the presence of Candida to be the field or terrain in which cancers thrive. He sees Candida as the cancer's source. Thus, directly killing the fungus gets rid of the cancer.
Dr. Sircus considers cancer's causal factors to be a bit more complex. He acknowledges the fact that bicarbonate of soda is useful for combating candida. But he is clear that the sudden surge of pH value or spike in alkalinity opens the cancer cells to an oxygen invasion that promotes their demise.
Oxygen is the normal choice of metabolic energy creation for healthy cells, but cancer cells cannot survive a high oxygen environment. Cancer cells thrive on fermenting glucose. A cancer patient with a sweet tooth is feeding his cancer.
However, maple syrup or molasses recommended with baking soda's oral ingestion acts as a Trojan Horse to carry the pH spiking sodium bicarbonate to the glucose hungry cancer cells.
An optimum pH reading is around 7 to 7.3. If pH goes below 6, the acidity in the body is ripe for disease or chronic illness. The acidic body becomes like the stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes to breed.
With baking soda, there is a one-two punch: neutralizing acidity or raising the pH to a more alkiline level, and the increased flow of oxygen to eliminate cancer cells.
Dr. Simoncini`s opinion that the baking soda solution has to make contact directly with the cancerous tissue has influenced the revered Cancer Tutor website. Its founder, Webster Kehr, now explains Mark Sircus's advice of ingesting sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup or molasses orally while no longer recommending it.
Cancer patient Vernon Johnston has become something of a folk hero by becoming self-directed enough to bring about his own cure. He may have read of Dr. Simoncini's limited use of baking soda, but he didn't buy it. Apparently, Dr. Sircus encouraged Vernon to proceed with the oral method of baking soda and molasses for raising his pH and increasing cellular oxygen levels.
Generally, alternative cancer treatments have a 50% or less cure rate with those who have experienced any or all of the big three from mainstream medicine's approach: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Although that's actually a good cure rate compared to mainstream medicine's big three, the cure rate is 85% among those who eschew those treatments. Vernon did not submit to mainstream medicine's treatments.

Vernon`s Miraculous Results

Vernon recorded his daily treatment of his cancer in a diary, referring to it as his "dance with cancer." The protocol he used included a good diet to promote alkalinity along with a daily vitamin and mineral supplement and lots of sunshine. Vernon also practiced breathing exercises to encourage the increased oxygenation initiated by the sudden pH rise from sodium bicarbonate. His daily reports, which recorded rapidly rising pH levels with sensations of intense oxygenation, are on his website and are reported in Dr. Sircus`s book.
Vernon tracked his pH levels with pH Paper Samples. Dr. Sircus advises that with any intense treatment, one rely more on the saliva readings than urine testing. He suggests that with the death of many cancer cells, acids are released that emerge from the body in the urine, giving an exaggerated reading. The saliva readings should peak at or above eight but not be maintained at those levels after a two week burst of intense pH boosting treatment.

After a few weeks of treatment, Vernon received a medical examination that confirmed his complete cure from prostate and bone cancer! His story was reported in a local California newspaper, The Valley News. Vernon`s case proves Mark Sircus`s point about orally ingested sodium bicarbonate`s potential for healing any cancer, not just cancer in the digestive tract as Dr. Simoncini maintains.


When dealing with any natural cancer cure, it is wise to take a literally holistic approach, combining more than one protocol or substance without compromising any one of them, as recommended on the Cancer Tutor website. Obviously there will be disagreements among practitioners as to what the root cause is for any disease, especially cancer. Keep in mind that most of these alternative options demand lifestyle changes, which include healthier diets and detoxifyng. The Ultimate Body Cleanse is essential at the beginning of cancer treatment, as virtually all cancer patients have overburdened, toxic livers. Periodic use of Liver Cleanse as part of a healing and maintenance protocol will help maintain liver health.
Do your own research. You can start here with the hyperlinked sources section.

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