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Beating Cancer With Nutrition

Nutrition is an important part in beating cancer. Wrong foods place an enormous amount of stress on the body’s cells, causing normal body cells to become acidic, high in sugar, and cancerous during the dividing process. It is important to adopt an alkaline diet filled with raw fruits and vegetables, and to avoid white flour, sugar, meat and dairy products.

An Easy Daily Diet Protocol to Beat Cancer

This easy daily diet protocol for cancer involves avoiding meat, sugar and dairy products (with the exception of cottage cheese) and drinking 1 liter (or 1/4 gallon) per day a combination vegetable / fruit juice consisting of raw beetroot, broccoli, tomato and carrot, all of which contain proven anti-cancer properties as well as eating 3-5 cloves of garlic each day and 1 diced whole "red" onion each day. Notes: Raw beetroot should be juiced without pre-cooking and should be mixed with the pulp, to preserve it’s anti-cancer properties. Crush raw gloves of garlic and leave for 15 minutes prior to eating. This amount of time is needed to release an important anti-cancer enzyme called allinase. You may eat anything else within reason on this diet.

Many scientific and clinical studies around the world have demonstrated the anti-cancer properties found in beetroot, broccoli, tomato, carrot, red onions and garlic. Beetroot contains BETACYANIN that restores cell respiration and inhibits cancer cell growth. Broccoli contains SULFORAPHANE that causes cancer cell death. Tomato contains LYCOPENE that is a powerful antioxidant for fighting cancer, and carrot contains FALCARINOL that suppresses cancer cell growth. Garlic has been clinically shown to restore Natural Killer cell function important for fighting cancer and the SULPHUR of red onions has been shown to slow down and prevent cancer cell and tumor growth. It is important to note that the sulphur of red onions is the main ingredient in leading alternative cancer treatments DMSO and MSM.


1. "Our previous studies identified the extract of Beta vulgaris (beetroot), commercially also known as betanin, as a potent cancer chemopreventive agent. An in vivo anti-tumor promoting activity evaluation against the mice skin and lung bioassays revealed a significant tumor inhibitory effect. The combined findings suggest that beetroot ingestion can be one of the useful means to prevent cancer. The most interesting observation is that the cancer chemopreventive effect was exhibited at a very low dose used in the study and thus indicating that beetroot warrants more attention for possible human applications in the control of malignancy." [Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Howard University, Washington, DC]

2. A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has shown that red beetroot pigments boost levels of proteins, called phase II enzymes, that help detoxify potential cancer-causing substances and purge them from the body. [Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry]

3. "Beets clean up cancer faster than the liver is capable of processing all the wastes dumped into it at any one time. Consequently, the internal administration of beetroot needs to be staggered out somewhat, and closer attention given to detoxifying the liver and colon at the same time the beetroot therapy is commenced. Never drink beet juice by itself. Pure beet juice can temporarily paralyze your vocal chords." [Cancer Nutrition Center] Note: Drinking ORGANIC beet juice reduces paralyzation effects on vocal chords. [Caution: Too much beet-juice can over-toxify the liver and cause harm or even death].


1. "At least eight papers slated for the meeting further illuminate the cancer-protective properties of broccoli, which are packed with sulforaphane. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine made the groundbreaking findings of the cancer-protective properties of sulforaphane present in large quantities of broccoli." [American Association for Cancer Research 95th Annual Meeting]


1. "The health benefits of tomato products came to light when a Harvard study showed that risk of prostate cancer was a third lower in men who consumed more tomato products," says Steven Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Food Science and Nutrition at The Ohio State University. "Since then, new research has supported a link with tomato products and decreased risk of other cancers, including pancreatic cancer, lung and colorectal cancer."


1. Researchers have isolated a compound in carrots called falcarinol that may be largely responsible for their anti-cancer benefits. Rats fed either the compound falcarinol or raw carrots (containing falcarinol) in addition to their normal food had a one-third lower risk of developing colorectal cancer than rats not fed them. [Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry]


Natural Killer cells are the most powerful infection fighting cells in the white blood cell arsenal. NK cells kill cancer cells, viruses, fungus and bacteria. A study published in the German Medical Journal "Deutsche Zeitshrift" reports on the results of 7 patients taking 5 grams of garlic daily. They said that "6 of the 7 patients had normal NK cell activity after 6 weeks and that all had normal NK activity after 12 weeks." Click here for more research.


1. According to William Castelli, MD, director of the Framingham Heart Study, vegetarians live three to six years longer than meat eaters. He said, "vegetarians have the best diet. They have the lowest rate of coronary disease of any group in the country and they have a fraction of our heart attack rate and they have only 40% of our cancer rate."

2. In 1997 the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute of Cancer Research jointly published an extensive, global review of the role of food and nutrition in the prevention of cancer. The WCRF/AICR panel ranked the evidence and found that "a high intake of vegetables and fruit decreased the risk of cancer."

Red Meat, Full-Fat Dairy Increases Cancer Risk

1. Young women who eat a lot of red meat and full-fat dairy products such as cheese, ice cream and butter appear to be raising their risk of breast cancer, the largest study of its kind has found. "When we compared the women in the highest fat intake group with women in the lowest intake group, those with the highest intake had a 33% greater risk of invasive breast cancer," said Dr Eunyoung Cho. [Harvard University Medical School study - Journal of the National Cancer Institute]

Red Onions and Sulphur

1. Sulphur is the principal chemical constituent in onions and helps to detoxify the body and prevent the growth of cancer cells. According to the National Cancer Institute “Allyl sulphur compounds, which occur naturally in garlic and onions (especially red onions), make cells vulnerable to the stress created by products of cell division. Because cancer cells divide very quickly, they generate more stressors than most normal cells. Thus, cancer cells are damaged by the presence of allyl sulphur compounds to a much greater extent than normal cells.

2. A recent study from the National Cancer Institute found that individuals who ate the most allium vegetables (red onions, scallions, garlic, chives and leeks) had a nearly 50 percent lower cancer risk than those who ate the least. Some laboratory studies have shown that the natural substances in these vegetables have anti-tumor effects. Other studies link the vegetables with a lower risk of cancer of the colon, stomach, prostate, esophagus, breast and endometrium (lining of the uterus).

3. As well as sulphur, red onions are rich in quercetin. In a Johns Hopkins study, published in the August issue of Clinic Gastroenterology and Hepatology, five patients with an inherited form of precancerous polyps in the lower bowel known as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) were treated with regular doses of curcumin (the chemical found in tumeric) and quercetin, an antioxidant in red onions, over an average of six months. The average number of polyps dropped 60.4 percent, and the average size dropped by 50.9 percent.

4. It is important to note that sulphur, the key ingredient of red
onions, is the active component of many leading alternative cancer therapy compounds, including DMSO and MSM.


Spirulina is a blue-green alga that contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any other single grain, herb, or plant. It has the essential fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic and arachidonic acids; is virtually the only vegetarian source of vitamin B12, which is (needed for healthy red blood cells; and contains significant amounts of iron, protein (60 to 70 percent), essential amino acids, the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, and chlorophyll. Spirulina is a naturally digestible food that helps to protect the immune system, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and boost the absorption of necessary minerals.

1. In a 2002 Japanese study, 12 adult males were administered an oral hot water extract of spirulina, and the number and activity of their natural killer (NK) cells was measured before and after treatment. (NK cells destroy tumor cells by binding to them and delivering lethal chemicals that kill on contact.) At the study's end, there was a significant increase in the production and cancer-killing ability of these subjects' NK cells. When their NK cells were exposed to a bacterial product after treatment, production of interleukin-12 (IL-12), a measure of immune strength, was significantly increased in comparison to IL-12 production in NK cells without pre-exposure to spirulina.

2. There have also been studies in India showing that spirulina reduces the number of tumors (called the "tumor burden") in experimental animals with various types of cancer. In mice with chemically induced stomach cancer, the tumor burden was reduced to half that of the control animals using high-dose spirulina treatment (500 mg/kg body weight). In skin cancer, the tumor burden was reduced to less than one quarter, even with low-dose treatment (250 mg/kg body weight).

3. "We found that nutrient-rich spirulina is a potent inducer of interferon-gamma (13.6-fold increase) and a moderate stimulator of both interleukin-4 and interleukin-1beta (3.3-fold increase)," says Eric Gershwin, professor and chief of the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology at UC Davis. "Together, increases in these cytokines suggest that spirulina is a strong proponent for protecting against intracellular pathogens and parasites and can potentially increase the expression of agents that stimulate inflammation, which also helps to protect the body against infectious and potentially harmful micro-organisms." [In the body, the preferential increase in the production of interferon-gamma over interleukin-4 would shift the immune system towards mounting a cell-mediated immune response instead of a humoral response. A cell-mediated response includes the activation of T-cells and antibodies that work with macrophages, another type of immune system cell, to engulf invading micro-organisms and cancer cells in the body.]


Lemons have been used for centuries to purify the body and the bloodstream of toxins, impurities and most importantly, fungus. As cancer is a fungus, lemons are ideally suited to heal the body of this disease. See: The Lemon Cancer-Fungus Treatment (channeled by Spirit to rid the body of fungus) and the Whole Lemon Drink to detox and flush the master immune system organ - the liver.

Leading Anti-Cancer Diets: Budwig and Gerson

The Budwig Diet and Gerson Therapy Diet are the two leading anti-cancer diets in the world today. These diets can be viewed in more detail by clicking on the above links. The Brandt Grape Cure is another diet, however it is more extreme in its approach.

The Importance of Incorporating an Alkaline Diet

It is critical for the cancer patient to adopt an alkaline-based diet in order to heal from cancer. See ph and Cancer to understand how your body's acidic cell-pH has allowed cancer to form within your body and how you can easily correct this.

Cancer Nutrition

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Dr. Esselstyn of Cleveland Clinic

Ex-surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. espouses a noninvasive cure for heart disease
Published: Mon., June 09, 2008, 2:54 PM
By Harlan Spector, The Plain Dealer
Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and his wife Ann, in pink, consult with a couple interested in his plant-based diet for coronary heart disease, in the kitchen of his home.
Read excerpts from the book: "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure." &
Esselstyn's rules to live by

• No meat, poultry, fish, dairy products or oils

• Eat vegetables (except avocado), fruits, legumes and whole grain products.

His Web site: Heartattackproof.comDr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has no qualms about stepping inside the nation's No. 1 heart hospital and dishing on angioplasty.
Invasive treatment is a mainstay of cardiac care, and it pays the bills.
It's also what's wrong with medicine, says the retired Cleveland Clinic surgeon who has been affiliated with the hospital for 40 years.

Esselstyn has turned his life's work to demonstrating that heart disease doesn't need to exist in the first place. And if it does, it can be reversed. The remedy is a plant-based diet, he says.

Learn to live with no meat, no fish, no dairy or oils of any kind, and make yourself "heart-attack proof."

Most doctors would agree a strict vegetarian diet is good for the heart. But the idea that a diet free of animal products and fat can cure the No. 1 killer in America is a point of debate among doctors.

Drug companies are in fierce competition to find a cholesterol drug that does what Esselstyn argues can be done better through diet. The call to attack artery-clogging plaque naturally is a challenge to the medical profession and an unspoken threat to the bottom line of the medical industry.

But Esselstyn has the audacity to take his message to Cosgrove Country, where Clinic chief Toby Cosgrove is building a glassy new center for heart treatment while also trying to build a reputation for prevention and wellness programs.

One recent morning, Esselstyn slipped on a white lab coat and told a group assembled in a Clinic classroom that treating heart disease with stents and statins is not the answer.
He implored them to accept that the body, given the right fuel, can restore coronary arteries damaged by the fatty Western diet.

Why a stent when the right diet will do?

Esselstyn, a stalky 6-foot-3 former Olympic gold medalist, pointed to white branches of the heart's plumbing system illuminated on an overhead screen. They were X-rays of arteries belonging to patients who took up his nutrition program. The X-rays showed vessels narrowed by disease that appeared to open after patients shunned burgers and fries for greens and grains.

"Why do you have to have an operation or stent?" Esselstyn asked rhetorically. "Your body can do this so simply."

Esselstyn and his wife, Ann, have followed a plant-based, oil-free diet for more than 20 years. He has studied a number of heart patients under his counsel during that time and reports their remarkable success in a recently published a book called "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease."

He lives in Pepper Pike and is part of a small fraternity of prevention activists who say a vegetarian diet can protect the heart, the best known of whom is best-selling author Dr. Dean Ornish.

"What really keeps me on fire about this is we have an epidemic of disease in this country that doesn't need to exist," Esselstyn said in an interview. "It's so ridiculously simplistic to turn around this epidemic, it's scary."

A diet that calls for extreme discipline

Simplistic perhaps, but demanding. The Esselstyn diet means never saying you ate "pretty good," or you only had a little ice cream.

Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer The Esselstyn file

• Age: 74

• Member of Yale rowing team that won gold medal in 1956 Olympics.

• U.S. Army surgeon during the Vietnam War.

• Married to Ann Crile Esselstyn (above), granddaughter of Cleveland Clinic co-founder Dr. George Crile.

Cleveland Clinic surgeon for 31 years.

• Quote: "I became disillusioned with a lot of what we were doing in medicine. No matter how many operations I did, I wasn't doing anything for the next victim." Every forkful of fat, he says, causes an immediate biochemical assault on the endothelium, the lining of the arteries. White blood cells collect there, gobbling up bad cholesterol and creating fatty deposits over time.
For many people, especially those who smoke or have other risk factors, accumulation of plaque is a time bomb for a coronary event.

It might take something like that to convince an average meat-eater to adopt the Esselstyn diet. Even then, you wonder how many people at a heart attack survivors' convention would line up at his table.

Many doctors might agree with Esselsytn, but few are likely to push the no-mercy diet on patients, simply because it's thought to be unachievable.

"This diet is looked at as extreme as you can get, so many physicians instead of going to the extreme, go somewhere in the middle," said Dr. Joe Crowe, director of the breast center at the Clinic.

Crowe has followed Esselstyn's program since he suffered a heart attack at age 44 in 1996.
He learned a new way of eating and said that once your taste buds adjust, you stop liking the taste of fat. You learn which restaurants to eat at and how to navigate social functions, which for Crowe involves moving stuff around the plate "so it looks like I've eaten something."

He was lean and healthy, with no sign of heart trouble when his heart attack struck. He learned that the lower third of a main artery leading to the front of his heart was significantly narrowed. They call this vessel the "widow maker." Crowe wasn't a candidate for surgical intervention, so he turned to Esselstyn. Two-and-a-half years later, an angiogram showed the diseased artery was normal.

A need for large-scale trials?

Esselstyn has meticulously followed more than a dozen patients with advanced coronary disease who adopted his program. He writes in his book that patients saw cholesterol levels plummet and their angina disappear. After five years, 11 patients who underwent follow-up angiograms had stopped or reversed progression of the disease, he wrote.

"Patients with heart disease and their families, their greatest fear is when the next shoe is going to drop," Esselstyn said. "This is a very powerful gift they have given themselves and their families."

He counts cardiologists among those who have come knocking at his door for help. But he is first to admit he has not won a large number of believers at the Clinic. He tiptoes carefully on the subject of how his mantra plays there.

Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Clinic, said Esselstyn's premise is unproven because nobody has conducted a rigorous study to show whether diet alone can reverse coronary disease.

"This is the reality," Nissen said. "We do the large-scale trials that somebody has to fund."

Nissen also cautioned that there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer for patients at risk for heart trouble. "I generally advise patients don't go out and buy a book and decide that's what you're going to do," he said.

But medicine should be a forum for different ideas, Nissen said.

On that count, the Clinic has made room for Essesltyn in his second career (he retired from surgery in 2000). He is part of the hospital's new Wellness Institute, headed by celebrity health guru Dr. Michael Roizen.

Esselstyn's wife, Ann, who is granddaughter of Clinic co-founder George Crile, is also a partner in his efforts. She authored a chapter in the book and contributed a volume of recipes, from banana french toast to veggie stuffed peppers.

Ann asks people she meets right off what they ate for lunch.

Together they counsel patients in their home, hosting four-hour sessions on how to shop, cook and eat in ways that most people never contemplated.

Ann accompanied her husband on his recent Clinic lecture, cradling a bundle of leafy greens to demonstrate the art of stripping leaf from stem.

Who knows? In an institution known for the best cardiac treatment in the world, kale and collard greens might be just what the doctor ordered.

Beating Cancer with Baking Soda

Cure Cancer with Baking Soda?
By Paul Fassa | August 10, 2010 |
The amazing abundance of alternative cancer treatments and cancer cures is more than most of us know. The more notorious alternative cancer cures are the ones that get attacked viciously by mainstream medicine's AMA, Big Pharma, and the FDA because they seriously threaten the medical monopoly with their potential for high practitioner application and public acceptance. Then there are those inexpensive non-toxic cancer treatments that slip under the radar, virtually unnoticed. Some become like folk medicines that don't require much supervision or equipment. In other words, they can be administered by the patient at home. Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda is such a substance.
A Little Background on Baking Soda
Various components of bicarbonate of soda were used as cleansing agents as far back as ancient Egypt. A French chemist, Nicolas Leblanc, produced sodium carbonate or soda ash in 1791. In 1846, two New York bakers, John Dwight and Austin Church, established a factory developing baking soda from sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide. Bicarbonate of soda was mined originally from an abundant natural mineral form known as naholite. When its acid neutralizing properties were discovered, the substance made its way into medical circles.
There were reports of baking soda successfully curing victims of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Doctors were prescribing it for colds and flu throughout the 1930s. Baking soda has been known to cure gout, and is still used for severe cases of acidosis and aspirin overdose. The characteristic to keep in mind is baking soda's ability to raise the pH or alkanize.
Don't confuse baking powder with baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Baking powder contains aluminum that is hazardous to health. Though there has been concern about the most commonly known baking soda as possibly having aluminum in it, most believe that it's actually aluminum-free. If you want to play it ultra safe, there is a more expensive brand that promotes its baking powder as being aluminum free.

The Doctors Who Cure Cancer With Baking Soda
Dr. Mark Sircus, an American who operates a clinic in Brazil, mentions oncology's use of bicarbonate of soda in conjunction with chemotherapy to help protect vital organs, especially the kidneys, from the chemo's poison. He asserts that chemo patients would die without it. He doesn't use chemo, by the way.
Dr. Sircus prefers using intravenous drips to get bicarbonate solutions into his patients' cancerous areas in his Brazil clinic. But he also advocates taking aluminum-free baking soda orally with maple syrup or blackstrap molasses in his book Sodium Bicarbonate - Rich Man`s Poor Man`s Cancer Treatment.
Tullio Simoncini MD, a Rome based oncologist, has successfully healed cancer patients using baking soda to flush cancerous areas by injection or catheter. He considers the oral use of sodium bicarbonate limited to areas of direct contact throughout the digestive tract.
Dr. Simoncini is convinced that baking soda's anti-fungal action is the curative agent. He has observed the presence of Candida to be the field or terrain in which cancers thrive. He sees Candida as the cancer's source. Thus, directly killing the fungus gets rid of the cancer.
Dr. Sircus considers cancer's causal factors to be a bit more complex. He acknowledges the fact that bicarbonate of soda is useful for combating candida. But he is clear that the sudden surge of pH value or spike in alkalinity opens the cancer cells to an oxygen invasion that promotes their demise.
Oxygen is the normal choice of metabolic energy creation for healthy cells, but cancer cells cannot survive a high oxygen environment. Cancer cells thrive on fermenting glucose. A cancer patient with a sweet tooth is feeding his cancer.
However, maple syrup or molasses recommended with baking soda's oral ingestion acts as a Trojan Horse to carry the pH spiking sodium bicarbonate to the glucose hungry cancer cells.
An optimum pH reading is around 7 to 7.3. If pH goes below 6, the acidity in the body is ripe for disease or chronic illness. The acidic body becomes like the stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes to breed.
With baking soda, there is a one-two punch: neutralizing acidity or raising the pH to a more alkiline level, and the increased flow of oxygen to eliminate cancer cells.
Dr. Simoncini`s opinion that the baking soda solution has to make contact directly with the cancerous tissue has influenced the revered Cancer Tutor website. Its founder, Webster Kehr, now explains Mark Sircus's advice of ingesting sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup or molasses orally while no longer recommending it.
Cancer patient Vernon Johnston has become something of a folk hero by becoming self-directed enough to bring about his own cure. He may have read of Dr. Simoncini's limited use of baking soda, but he didn't buy it. Apparently, Dr. Sircus encouraged Vernon to proceed with the oral method of baking soda and molasses for raising his pH and increasing cellular oxygen levels.
Generally, alternative cancer treatments have a 50% or less cure rate with those who have experienced any or all of the big three from mainstream medicine's approach: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Although that's actually a good cure rate compared to mainstream medicine's big three, the cure rate is 85% among those who eschew those treatments. Vernon did not submit to mainstream medicine's treatments.

Vernon`s Miraculous Results

Vernon recorded his daily treatment of his cancer in a diary, referring to it as his "dance with cancer." The protocol he used included a good diet to promote alkalinity along with a daily vitamin and mineral supplement and lots of sunshine. Vernon also practiced breathing exercises to encourage the increased oxygenation initiated by the sudden pH rise from sodium bicarbonate. His daily reports, which recorded rapidly rising pH levels with sensations of intense oxygenation, are on his website and are reported in Dr. Sircus`s book.
Vernon tracked his pH levels with pH Paper Samples. Dr. Sircus advises that with any intense treatment, one rely more on the saliva readings than urine testing. He suggests that with the death of many cancer cells, acids are released that emerge from the body in the urine, giving an exaggerated reading. The saliva readings should peak at or above eight but not be maintained at those levels after a two week burst of intense pH boosting treatment.

After a few weeks of treatment, Vernon received a medical examination that confirmed his complete cure from prostate and bone cancer! His story was reported in a local California newspaper, The Valley News. Vernon`s case proves Mark Sircus`s point about orally ingested sodium bicarbonate`s potential for healing any cancer, not just cancer in the digestive tract as Dr. Simoncini maintains.


When dealing with any natural cancer cure, it is wise to take a literally holistic approach, combining more than one protocol or substance without compromising any one of them, as recommended on the Cancer Tutor website. Obviously there will be disagreements among practitioners as to what the root cause is for any disease, especially cancer. Keep in mind that most of these alternative options demand lifestyle changes, which include healthier diets and detoxifyng. The Ultimate Body Cleanse is essential at the beginning of cancer treatment, as virtually all cancer patients have overburdened, toxic livers. Periodic use of Liver Cleanse as part of a healing and maintenance protocol will help maintain liver health.
Do your own research. You can start here with the hyperlinked sources section.

Independent Cancer Research Fdn., Dr. Mark Sircus Ac., O.M.D., Cancer Tutor Website
Tullio Simoncini, MD Vernon Johnston`s & Don Porter’s Story

Seek Baking Soda high pH kills Cancer Cells

Killing Cancer Cells With High pH Therapy
Cesium Chloride and Cesium Carbonate Kills Cancer Cells
PH range
<--Cell death-><-----Mitosis--------><---------Cell death------->
Cells, whether cancerous or normal can only live & reproduce (undergo mitosis) in a pH range of between 6.5 & 7.5. A healthy cell has a pH of 7.35 while a cancer cell is more acidic. Cesium when taken orally will raise the pH of cancer cells, but not that of normal cells. When the pH of a cancer cell goes above 7.5 it dies & if it goes above 8.0 it will die in a matter of hours.
What can enter a cancer cell
Every cell in the body is like a little battery. To successfully bring nourishment in, and take poisons out, it has to be fully charged. In a cancerous cell, the charge (called cell voltage) drops from 90 millivolts to less than 40 millivolts. When the cell voltage gets to the very bottom, only 5 substances can pass in or out of the cell.
They are water, sugar, potassium, cesium and rubidium. Oxygen cannot enter into a cancer cell. So you see, even if there is a lot of oxygen in the blood, it won't get into the cell. Cesium, because of its electrical properties can still enter the cancerous cell. When it does so, because of it's extreme alkalinity, the cell dies. Luckily, healthy cells are not affected by cesium because their cell voltage allows them to balance themselves. The only side effect is a loss of potassium which can be remedied with eating a few bananas and potatoes. (PLEASE NOTE: Bananas, although they are rich in potassium, do contain a lot of sugar - The only part of a potato that contains sufficient amounts of potassium is the peel, the rest is carbohydrate and will turn to sugar, there are better choices for supplementing your potassium.
It is interesting to note that cancer is virtually unknown among the Hopi Indians of Arizona & the Hunza of Northern Pakistan, so long as they stay in the same environment. This strongly suggests that something they are consuming is protecting them from cancer. The Hopi water is rich in Rubidium and potassium. The Hunza water is rich in Cesium and potassium, making both of the water supplies rich with very caustically (alkaline) active metals.
In his publication, Cesium therapy in cancer patients, Dr. Sartori describes the 2 week treatment of 50 last stage, metastasized, terminal cancer patients (13 comatose), with Cesium salts. All were expected to die within weeks, with the survival rate being less than one in ten million. After 2 weeks, 13 died with autopsies showing no presence of cancer. After 12 months, 12 more had died, but 25, an astounding 50% survived.
*Cesium has no natural radioactive form, and should not be confused with Cesium 137 which is artificially produced.
Cancer cells are very weak, far weaker than healthy cells. It is very easy to kill cancer cells if you can create the right environment. The following protocols are deadly to cancer cells, yet harmless if not outright beneficial to healthy cells.
The High pH Environment
Cancer cells live in an acidic environment, but perish in an alkaline, high pH, environment.
Although many diets can help you alkalinize your body, nothing works as fast as Cesium Carbonate or Cesium Chloride.
Cesium for Cancer
Cesium *, a crystalline salt has been used successfully for cancer for many years now. Cesium Chloride and Cesium Carbonate work by raising the cancer cell's Ph to a highly alkaline state. Although many anti-cancer diets also produce an alkaline state, they simply cannot do so as quickly or as fully as Cesium can.
Cesium Therapy in Cancer patients
H.E. Sartori
Certain foods contain biologically active compounds and/or ingredients, i.e., vitamins, inorganic salts, organic compounds, essential fatty acids, minerals, and chelating agents which may either precipitate or prevent cancer development. The relationship between dietary consumption and cancer development is not clear and further investigation continues. Noteworthy is the report on the presence of high levels of cesium [Cs] and rubidium [Rb] in food along with availability of various supportive compounds as vitamins A and C, along with zinc and selenium in diet of populations residing in areas with low incidence of cancer e.g., the Hopi Indian territory in Arizona, the Hunza area in North Pakistan, and the volcanic regions of Brazil. The diet of these populations is similar to the nutritive requirements for the high Ph cancer therapy developed by Brewer's subsequent series of physical experiments with cancer cells.
In these tests the presence of Cs+ or Rb+ in the adjacent fluids of the tumor cell is believed to raise the Ph of the cancer cell where mitosis will cease resulting in reduction of life span of the cancer cell. The introduction of such alkaline pH by these alkali salts may also neutralize the acidic and toxic material within the cancer cell. This report combines the use of CsCl with various supportive agents. which have been hypothesized both to enhance the entry of Cs+ into the cancer cell and to stimulate the immune response, in the treatment of various cancers.
Treatment was performed on 50 patients during the last three years at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in Rockville MD and in Washington D.C. All patients were terminal subjects with generalized metastatic disease. Forty-seven of the 50 patients studies had received maximal modalities of treatment, i.e., surgery, radiation, and various chemotherapy, before metabolic Cs-treatment was initiated. Three patients were comatose and 14 of the patients were considered terminal due to previous treatments outcome and cancer complications. The type of cancer of the patients studied and their number is detailed in table 1.
The Cs-treatment was given in conjunction of other supportive compounds under diet control in addition to the utilization of specific compounds to produce adequate circulation and oxygenation. According to individual cases CsCl was given at daily dosages of 6 to 9 grams in 3 equally divided doses, with vitamin A-emulsion (100,000 to 300,000 U), vitamin C (4 to 30 grams), zinc (80 to 100 mg) selenium (600 to 1,200 mcg) and amygdalin (1,500 mg) in addition to other supplementations according to the specific needs of the patient. The diet consisted mainly of whole grains, vegetables, linolenic acid rich oils (linseed, walnut, soy, wheat germ) and other supplemental food.
To increase efficiency of the treatment and improve the circulation and oxygenation, the patients received the chelating agent EDTA, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and also a combination of vitamins, K and Mg salts.
Table 1 summarizes the results of the Cs-treatment of 50 cancer patients studied over 3 years. They had generalized metastatic disease, except for 3 patients. Initial death occurrences for the initial 2 week treatment was in the same order and magnitude of these recorded for the 12 month period. The percent of survival of breast, colon, prostate, pancreas, and lung cancer accounted to approximately, 50% recovery which was higher than that noted for liver cancer and the lymphoma patients treated. An overall 50% recovery from cancer by the Cs-therapy was determined in the 50 patients treated. Data from the autopsy made indicated the absence of tumors in patient dying within 14 days of the Cs-treatment. One of the most striking effects of the treatment was the disappearance of pain in all patients within 1 to 3 days after initiation of the Cs-therapy.
These studies were performed under my direction, initiated in April, 1981. Twenty-eight patients were initially treated with CsCl between April, 1981 to Oct., 1982. They were subjected to various cancer therapies, e.g., surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and were considered terminal cases with metastatic disease except for 3 patients who were not previously treated. Three patients were comatose at the time of the Cs treatment. Thirteen patients died within less than 2 weeks of treatment. Each patient showed a reduction in tumor mass by the Cs-treatment. Of the breast cancer patients, the most impressive effect was seen in a female patient who was comatose at the beginning of the Cs-treatment and was considered a terminal case. The Cs-therapy, with other ingredients used, was immediately instituted by nasogastric route because there was no cooperation from the patient. The daily CsCl dose given amounted to 30 grams, 10 grams given 3 times daily. The patient was able to leave after 5 days of treatment. However the patient's fall on the floor resulted in complications, i.e., fracture of the neck, and death. The autopsy revealed that the cancer metastasis had essentially eaten away her hip bone causing this tragic accident. The autopsy performed also showed the presence of very little cancer tissue.
The next most frequent cancer treated was of unknown primary. Treatment of 8 cases showed a death rate of 2 within 14 days of treatment and an additional 2 deaths within 12 months while 4 of the patients are still living. In one case, an autopsy was made in a patient after one week of Cs-treatment and showed a complete disappearance of the cancer. There were 7 cases of colon cancer patients who were treated with CsCl. Two of these patients died within 14 days, one of the patients had previous massive chemotherapy, and little time was available to restore her metabolic condition. The previous existing infiltration of the abdominal wall disappeared. However, no consent was given for an autopsy.
In one lymphoma case the patient displayed an unusually large abdomen which was hard and he weighed approximately 250 pounds. The massively enlarged abdomen began to decline in volume, i.e., a loss of approximately 120 pounds of body weight was noted after 3 months of the Cs- therapy. The spleen which was originally maximally enlarged and reaching into the pelvis was reduced to almost normal size. The liver position was down to about the level of the umbilicus and was also reduced to normal size in 3 months. The patient is still living after 3 years after his discharge. Unfortunately, there is no follow-p on this patient and he is being maintained on chemotherapy.
The results presented demonstrate the rate of efficacy of CsCl in cancer therapy.
The total 50 cancer cases studied show an impressive 50% survival rate. This confirms the work of Messiha reported in these proceedings showing that the higher the dose it is, the more effective it seems to be. The autopsy obtained from the patient whose death was attributed to traumatic fracture of the neck, indicated that cancer had been initially further advanced resulting in bone destruction. However, the absence of cancer after the massive CsCl dose used in this case is demonstrable of the Cs-therapy. It appears that both dosage, i.e., as much as 30 grams/day and route of drug administration, i.e., nasogastric pathway, might have contributed to the patients rapid recovery. It should be noted, however, that CsCl dose regimens should not exceed 20 to 40 grams due to side effects, mainly nausea, and diarrhea. The authors personal experience with CsCl after an acute dose of 40 grams CsCl indicate that extensive nausea and parethesia around the mouth are the major side effects. This is probably due to K depletion. The usual dose used in the clinic ranges from 2 to 3 grams given by mouth 3 times daily. At a later time, at which time there is no indication of cancer presence, the CsCl dosage will be reduced to a preventative dose between .5 and 1 gram a day.
The lymphoma case presented shows that CsCl efficiently reduced massive enlargements of spleen and liver as well as maximal ascites, causing an abdominal configuration of a tight, hard hemisphere, to almost normalize after 3 months of therapy. This period of time was required to eliminate such a massive volume resulting in the reduction of the body weight noted.
The clinical efficacy of CsCl high pH metabolic therapy is best demonstrated by a recent case of primary liver cancer (not included in the 50 cases reported in this study). The patient was a 39 year old female teacher who was terminal. She was brought on a stretcher on April 25, 1984 with a large liver tumor extending approximately 3 cm below the umbilical level. The treatment was then immediately instituted. This consisted of administration of CsCl, Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Zn, Se, Mn, Cr, and K salts by the oral route in addition to a concomitant massive IV doses of ascorbate, K, Mg, Zn, Cn, Mn, Cr salts, B complex vitamins, folic acid, DMSO and heparin. After 5 consecutive treatment regimens EDTA was introduced to the therapy and the minerals present in the solution were discontinued. On May 10, 1984, the patient was discharged, returned home walking without assistance and displaying a smile on her face. The liver tumor had shrunk to 5 cm above the umbilicus. The determination of alphafetoprotein (AFP), a specific marker for liver cancer, rare embronal cancer and teratomas, decreased from the unusually high value of 39,000 units, compared to normal levels of 13 units, measured before initiation of Cs-therapy, to 5000 units obtained on the last day of treatment.
The mechanism of action of Cs in cancer has been little studied. Both Cs+ and Rb+ can specifically enter the cancer cells and embryonic cells, but not normal adult cells has been demonstrated by Brewer. The cancer cells contain high amounts of hydrogen ions rendering them acidic and they also contain high Na+ levels than found in normal cells. If Cs+ or Rb+ can enter the cancer cells then the pH increases from as low as 5.5 to over pH 7.0. At a pH of 7.6 the cancer cell division will stop, at a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 the lifespan of it is considerably shortened (only hours). In one case, the author has observed the shrinkage of metastases of breast cancer after one hour of Cs-treatment. Two days later wrinkles of the skin appeared where the tumor was present. In another case of a colon cancer with massive metastasis, of massive infiltration of the abdominal wall, liver and other tissues, seemed to have been reduced within 24 hours and continuing rapidly until the demise of the patient on the 14th day of the Cs-treatment.
The uric acid levels measured at the onset of treatment was approximately 3.5 units which was increased to over 20 units, suggesting massive breakdowns of DNA, which produces the uric acid output. Therefore, destruction of nuclear acids, as reflected by a significant rise in the uric acid, may be used as a predictive measurement for treatment outcome. The failure of uric acid elevation may be indicative of lack of destruction of cancer cells. This has proven to be a very consistent finding in our clinic.
There are certain factors which may enhance the Cs-therapy. The Cs-penetration into the cancer cells can be increased by the following three methods: The first approach resides in broadening the electron donor capacity of the cancer cell membrane by the application of cyanide, an electron donor radical as found in nitriles (amygdalin, Laetrile, mandelonitrite, prunasin, ficin, cassivin), by selenium oxide, an electron donor radical, or by the use of DMSO. The second approach enhances the potential gradient across the cancer cell membrane by the utilization of weak acids like ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and retinoic acid (Vitamin A). The third method attempts to improve the circulation to the tumor and facilitate the destruction of cross-linkages in the mucoid and fibrinous substances around the cancer cell. This can be achieved by chelation therapy, i.e., the use of EDTA as has been shown by Blumer who reported on the reduction of cancer incidence by 90% by chelating patients (an average of 15 chelations in 8 years). This approach also reduced cardiovascular disease by 50%. Other chelating agents can also be used. Moreover, the use of beta-carotene will lead to decomposition of blocking mucoid proteins mediated by electrical charges; Also, heparin, which acts through electrical charges, will inactivate the immune repelling and immune binding capacities of the blocking mucoid proteins. These approaches will hinder cancer growth and they are virtually atoxic.
It should be noted that certain behavioral characteristics "the cancer personality" of the cancer patient may interfere in any projected treatment modality. This has been reported by Lawrence LeShan in his book entitled "You can fight for your life." His studies suggested that cancer patients seeking treatment, e.g., chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, are probably motivated by a covert desire for death. For example, statements such as, "rather than undergoing any of those treatments, I would rather die in peace," or "I would never undergo any of those treatments or let anyone of my family undergo them because the effectiveness is unproven and the damage that is done with any of those treatments is higher than the effects." are often expressed. Thus, both chemotherapy and lifestyle changes may also contribute to an effective therapy.
The High Oxygen Environment
Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg demonstrated that normal cells would become irreversibly cancerous if the environment they rested in had their oxygen levels lowered by 35% for 48 hours.
Cancer Cells CANNOT Live in a High Oxygen Environment
A healthy individual has a blood oxygen level of between 98 and 100 as measured by a pulse oximeter.
Cancer patients routinely show very low oxygen levels in their blood, usually around 60.
According to Nobel prize laureate Dr. Otto Warburg, this low oxygen environment is one of the main reasons cancer cells form.
Unfortunately, the main traditional therapies for cancer, namely radiation and chemotherapy, also have been shown to drastically lower blood oxygen levels.
The High Enzyme Environment
Cancer cells develop a protein coating 13 times thicker than normal cells. This makes it difficult for the immune system to attack them. By ingesting high doses of pancreatin, you can actually dissolve cancer cells inside the body.
In the natural course of one's lifetime, millions of cancer cells develop, and are harmlessly digested by the immune system. The body uses pancreatin, a secretion from the pancreas to dissolve the cancer cells. As we age, the pancreas is less and less able to make this important substance. By taking pancreatin orally, it is possible to increase the levels of its active ingredients in the blood, thereby helping the body break down the cancer cells and remove them from circulation.
Pancreatin as a digestive enzyme is available from any health food store in the country, however this type of pancreatin is useless for the cancer patient. The active ingredients in pancreatin which have shown to have tumor dissolving abilities are trypsin & chymotrypsin. These ingredients were taken out of virtually all the pancreatin supplements available to consumers years ago. These active ingredients are being bought in massive quantities by the sewerage industries to digest the sewerage into less noxious forms.
This is exactly what is needed in the human body. Our own internal sewerage needs to be dissolved, and to do this, the body uses trypsin and chymotrypsin. Amazing Baking Soda Bicarbonate of Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, and baking soda) is a simple low-cost substance that is a useful remedy for a variety of ailments and chronic diseases. Discovered in 1840, baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder which typically contains aluminum) is a proven treatment for flus and colds, and recently this amazing substance has been in the “spotlight” as doctors like Tullio Simoncini, Mark Sircus have used it to treat cancer patients. Don Porter & Vito Johnston had success beating Stage IV Prostate Cancer with Baking Soda combined with an Organic Plant Based Diet. Perhaps the many successes are due to the fact that baking soda floods the cancer cells with a shockwave of alkalinity (pH up to 9)and oxygen, thus reversing the hypoxia (lack of oxygen acidity) which is always associated with cancerous tissue. Or perhaps it works because a comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue indicates that cancerous tissue always has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals and pesticides than normal tissue, and sodium bicarbonate possesses the property of absorbing heavy metals, dioxins, and furans. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two. Don Porter says "Get on an Organic Plant Based Diet for a couple of weeks to rebuild your immune system prior to destroying acidic cancer cells. Add in deep breathing, exercise, no sugar fast foods or packaged foods, etc. These cells are then rebuilt with healthy cells by your more efficiently working immune system". Don reminds us that is takes 4 months to change our blood, so persevere.
Baking soda has a plethora of additional uses. Baking soda is commonly used as an antacid for short-term relief of an upset stomach, to correct acidosis in kidney disorders, to “alkalinize” urine during bladder infections, and to minimize uric acid crystallization during gout treatment. It is frequently used to purify air inside refrigerators. We’ve all seen the opened box of baking soda in the fridge door, haven’t we? Keep a container of baking soda in your garage as well as in your car to put out a fire, since it will extinguish a fire without damaging anything else it touches. It also works as a deodorizer for carpets and other materials and can be used for laundry and as a household cleanser (when mixed with vinegar). The baking soda/vinegar mixture will even unclog drains! And if you have itchy bug bites, try using a poultice of baking soda and vinegar. Yes, baking soda is one of the most versatile substances that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. Many report success taking up to 1 tsp of baking soda in water each night before bed, it’s a great way to alkalize your body before bed. (Take a weekly break every month or so).

Cancer Success Story - D. Porter

Alternative Cancer Treatments
Cancer Success Story - Don Porter Read the inspiring story of Don Porter, who cured his stage IV metastasized prostate cancer with natural methods...

Cancer Success Story - Don Porter

“My Beating Stage IV Metastasized Prostate Cancer”
I was diagnosed, in April 2007 with a 39.6 PSA & related tests (including a biopsy) that clearly identified Metastasized Stage 4 Prostate Cancer to my left pelvic bone & received a 3-6 year death sentence from an MD. I have had many people contact me saying that they wanted to hear how I did it and Ty Bollinger asked me to share my success story with his readers.
After the rather significant overdose of medical negativeness, I concentrated on what is possible, having studied Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, David Williams, Tony Robbins, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Andrew Weil, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Dr. Julian Whitaker, Verne Varona and reread my version of the bible - Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict. Dirk earned a bit of notoriety/fame from his participation in the A-Team, Battlestar Gallactica, Charlie’s Angels, etc. I determined that we all enjoy a body that is a miraculous machine that must be aligned properly with a quality diet, exercise, quality liquids, deep breathing, organic foods, & minimum stress in a FAST paced society along with some occasional “TLC”.
I went on a strict macrobiotic/organic plant based diet. I embarked on a mission of wellness immune system enhancement, engaged in/on a strict macrobiotic-organic diet, and in 8+ weeks dropped from 154 pounds,(@ 5’9”), to 132, a 22 pound loss. I also discovered that it takes about 4 months to fully change our blood. Therefore, I remained on a modified organic/macrobiotic diet. As my investigations (due diligence) indicated that my immune system was restored to a positive state, I kept searching for additional enhancement methods, protocols, herbs, nutrients, etc.
I finally found the baking soda and/ or cesium chloride experts that had experienced success in beating cancers. A good one was Vern (Vito) Johnston and his “common sense” protocol found on his internet site. My results were almost identical to Vern’s. I have no residual effects from the April 2007 debilitating diagnosis! I now am able to eat some “regular” meals & dinners from a menu at a normal American restaurant. I still concentrate on organic foods, brown rice, beans, various green veggies, and whole oats at breakfast, filtered water, deep breathing, walking 30+ minutes a day, 8 hours of sleep, fruits, apricot seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, some herbs, a few special vitamins, & occasional baking soda. All of my efforts diet wise, breathing, water, green teas, etc. are to maintain a slight alkalinity.
My success was in large part due to the considerable assistance & contributions of my wife Liz, Verne Varona (the world’s top macrobiotic counselor & author of several diet books including his latest – Macrobiotics for Dummies), Michio Kushi’s books, & many others.

What I accomplished is not mine – It is gathered from many sources & is for all to benefit from. Whatever I have done ANYONE CAN DO !
Dirk Benedict, B.A., Faceman, Murdock & Hannibal live on in movie theaters, as
'The A-Team' one of TV land's most beloved band of renegades?
Dirk Benedict – Author “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy”
A True Story of Discovery, Acting, Health, Illness, Recovery & Life

Was born in Montana on March 1st, 1945. He was raised in the USA. He garnered his 1st acting experiences (on a dare) in a college production of Showboat, where he got the main part. His father, a lawyer, died when Dirk was 18, which was hard for him to take. While working on Georgia, Georgia in Sweden, he 1st learned about macrobiotic diets & changed his eating habits, drastically. He was 26 at the time. A few years later, doctors found that he had cancer of the prostate. He refused to accept the usual treatment & moved away to a secluded cottage in Vermont, CT. Dirk managed to cure himself from cancer by following the rules of his macrobiotic diet.
When he got a part as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica in 1978, the Drs. stated that he was in good health. Dirk's main successes were Battlestar Galactica, as Starbuck, & the TV series, The A-Team, in which he played Templeton(The Face) Peck. He was formerly married to actress Toni Hudson & is now divorced. He has two sons (George & Roland). Currently touring worldwide , sharing his “wellness successes”.

Dirk is still around today - Healthy

Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict is a native of Montana. He has had an extensive career as an actor, performing in repertory theaters throughout the country, starring on Broadway (Butterflies Are Free), Off Broadway (Hamlet), & in numerous films & several TV series, including Battlestar Galactica & The A Team. He starred in Alaska, with Charlton Heston, & most recently in the German film Golden Times, written/directed by Peter Thorwarth. Benedict made his directing debut with his original screenplay CAHOOTS, starring Keith Carradine.
He is the author of Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. This best-selling autobiography is the insightful, humorous story of how he cured himself of prostate cancer (& other sins against the Universe) and his long journey from the hayfields of Montana to the hype of Hollywood. His second book, And Then We Went Fishing, is the true story of becoming and losing a father and has received rave reviews. Dirk lives in his native Montana with his two sons, George William and Roland Walker.

Lectures & Cooking Class for the 2009 Cruise
Keynote Lecture: Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy (A Brown Rice Memoir)
Dirk Benedict shares his life story. How he came to have celebrity and lose it, too. No mean feat in a time when "celebrity" is no longer a state of being, but a disease. He will share his journey from the hayfields of Montana to the sound stages of Hollywood. How he survived patricide, cancer, divorce and even show business and lived to laugh at it.

Lecture 2: Wizard in the Woods - For the past 15 years Dirk Benedict has been living in his Montana cabin involved in the experience of raising his two sons. It has given him time to do what he enjoys doing most.think. A man who lives his life entirely by his own judgment, ignoring at all costs, the advice of the "experts"..his thoughts and opinions are his own. A world-renown actor, author, auteur & award-winning Dad.he has opinions to share & stories to tell.
Cooking Class : "Cooking For Health is No Joke?"
Whoever said cooking for health has to be serious, was never in the kitchen with Dirk & Christina Pirello. Whether you're sick, healthy or something in between, this class is for you. You will not only benefit from their decades of experience in the kitchen, you will learn to laugh, guffaw & giggle while you puree, stir-fry, & steam..& also possibly discover that to have joy in cooking is to have joy in life. If you don't laugh .... it won't be because they didn't fry!

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Mr. Benedict are, as he freely admits, entirely his own & do not reflect those held by the organizers & promoters of Holistic Holiday at Sea. If you attend his seminars, you are on your own).

Dirk Benedict -Confessions of Kamkikaze Cowboy

Highlights - “Confession of a Kamikaze Cowboy” by Dirk Benedict
Of the A-Team, Battestar Galactica, Charlie’s Angels, etc

Dirk’s “Old” Eating habits: Deer, Elk, Beef, Lamb, dairy, eggs, soda, poultry, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, honey, all flour products, coffee, all oils including unsaturated vegetable oils, salt, junk food, many chemicalized foods! Serious Prostate Cancer diagnosis was the result !

Dirk went to Michio Kushi’s 5 room cabin in his Northeastern New Hampshire retreat in June 1975 36 years ago & beat his cancer with a Plant Based Diet with:
• No: TV-Radio-Telephone-Books just Dirks typewriter & paper.
• Adjacent to Loch Lake – 1 mile long ½ mile wide in a builder’s collapsed community (Loch Lake Colony) or ghost town. Quiet place for a 30 year old actor with Prostate Cancer
• A Major Transformation occurred.
• Here is a BRIEF recap:
• Breakfast: Oatmeal, Light miso soup with wakame
• Lunch: Brown rice, lightly sautéed veggies, aduki or black beans cooked long & slowly with various kinds of seaweed added.
• Dinner: Same as Lunch (lunch was leftovers from Dinner. ALL cooked in heavy iron pots. Got veggies from surrounding area, concentrated on Dandelion & ROOTS sautéed in sesame oil, & a ginger compress.
• Stopped thinking did meditation – nothing else to do.
• Hours of walking - alone ! Found food as living things.
• Found out in the rain without his clothes that Life was special ! His new Baptism Re-Birth Started wearing less & less no one there nothing would fit 23 lbs in 6 weeks down to 152
• We all have cravings (chemically induced & maintained) from a premeditated system, run for profits, NOT health. ENORMOUS research into addicting us so that we “HAVE” to consume their chemically laden products (with minimum nutrition) that create revenue for the Medical system. One heck of a business formula for decades. Dirk strongly condemns the American medical system !
• Ignored wild strawberries – just got on hands & knees & smelled them --- Commitment
• Went thru a powerful & lonely experience – self exam-renewal-rebirth & the “Old” Dirk Benedict died & a new one emerged His new rule #1. - eat to live
• Dirk got older & felt younger Upon return his Mom asked “who was this 18 year old gal knocking on her door” (no haircut for months) Many asked if he was ok.?
• A-Team had a problem - Call from Dr. on his new preshooting physical call ASAP – Ins. Co had problem – as reports “now” were exceptional & glowing – Ins. Co does not ins. anyone with cancer.
• Weight now 132 now a total of 43 lbs. years later
• People thought Dirk was killing himself – he was “HIS OLD SELF”
• Kushi’s cabin was easy “no temptations” - in real world not so easy – he found out “how far out he was” – he couldn’t find his new foods Met Kushi who was thrilled – “another example of the healing power of whole foods, Mother Nature & “good behavior”.

Difference between Dirk & only that I learned about pH & had Verne, Dr. Zhao & Liz & many others. He only had Kushi. I was in NC @ 4,000 feet next to a lake Dirk was in the mountains of NH next to a lake also..

Dirk Benedict’s Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy lives again. The Internet is a wonderful thing. In the UK, Dirk Benedict - better known as Faceman from the A-Team & Starbuck in the 1970s version of Battlestar Galactica - turns up on a major reality TV show called Celebrity Big Brother. Along with other celebrities looking for another 15 mins. in the limelight, he is filmed 24 hours a day & Britain is obsessed with the show. Now, Dirk wrote a book back in 1987 called Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy about how he was diagnosed with cancer but cured himself by adopting a macrobiotic diet. This book has been gathering dust in 2nd hand bookstores around USA for the past 20 years…. until he mentioned the book on Big Brother and people in the UK flocked to the Internet to try and find copies. Recently, the book was No.3 on’s bestseller list with Brits picking up copies USA.