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DJP Protocol & Bill Clinton & Dr. Esselstyn Diet-Heart

DJP Protocol – This has worked for me since 2009, after following a modified Kushi/V.Varona “Plant Based Diet” - NO Cancer !
I am not providing medical advice, simply “revealing my experiences & protocol”, resulting in a removal of all cancer & no discomfort, etc. “NO” Chemo, Radiation, Minimum Drugs
3+ years work refined to - 2 pages
Here is my Protocol - Avoid any forms of sugar for a month+ then Initiate as follows:
• 1st day- 1 Teaspoon of BS soda with 2 Teaspoons of Black Strap molasses (“BSM”) & 1 cup room temp water 2x day (away from meals). Heat @ “LOW” temp in pan for 5 min. & STIR a lot to fully combine your sugar & BSM into “YOUR Trojan Horse” to benefit your body -immune system. The molasses/maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15X more glucose than normal cells) & the baking soda, (which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup/BSM), being very alkaline, forces a rapid shift in pH thereby killing the cancer cells quickly in hrs).
• 2nd day – repeat, also Do Deep breathing (30x - 3-10x day or more). OXYGEN KILLS cancer cells
• 3rd day – same Cancer cells gobble up sugar so when you use sugar it’s like sending in “your own Trojan horse”. The sugar is “not” going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies as the alkaline baking soda (14pH) is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow.
• 4th day – same 2X day goal get to 8.0 - 8.5 pH & hold 4-5 days & cancer cells dormant
• at pH 7.5+ & kills cancer cells @ 7.8-8.5. My pH was 8.3 on 3rd day with a blood & urine test.
• 5th day - started taking the solution - 2 tspns BS & 2 Tsps BSM 2X day
• 6th day– repeat 2 Tspns BS & 2 Tspn of BSM & 1 cup of water 2x a day. My pH measured 8.25. That is what happens with cesium chloride/BS done by Italian Dr. Simoncini, mild nausea is good as it means the dead cancer cells are being discarded by your body.
• 7th – All ok - lips tingled- an Oxygen Euphoria from a lot deep breathing. Oxygen assists in killing bone/ALL cancer! Also on day 7, increased BS to 3 Tspns. & got a slight headache, backed off to 2 Tspns BS- I was a bit uncomfortable/nervous & had a slight headache, so I reduced it. I had slight confusion. Do 30+ DEEP breaths several times per day – VERY IMPORTANT !
• 8th day – double dose 3x a day to get pH high- could some be health issues with too much BS Potassium (200+mg intake is IMPORTANT). FILTERED water !! Exercise also.
• 9th day – A little diarrhea, a little weak feeling, really began to up my potassium intake. All experts said that high dosage of potassium (also with cesium chloride) is very important. Oxygenation euphoria all day from deep breathing. Ok KILLING cancer cells more important !

• 10th day - Headache more persistent ,body sweats SO- I cut back to a solution 2x a day; not 3x.
• 11th day – down to 1.5 Tspns to control headache, bit of loose stools, slight headache & night sweats. I cut back felt overloaded- 8.35 goal achieved & I wanted to maintain pH 8.0+ for 4-5 days.
• NOTE: Key Points: Take BS solution 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after eating, to give stomach acids time to digest food. Eat HIGH potassium organic foods, SUPPLEMENTS, vitamins, minerals, & herbs as recommended for Cesium Therapy by others with noted successe.
• Watch blood pressure- take Potassium. IMPORTANT

Coral Calcium 3000 mg
Vit D3 10,000 iu's, Astralagus
CoQ10-200 mg, Tumeric
Maitake d-fraction

Potassium 200 mg,
Milk Thistle 1000 mg

Aloe Liq. & Caps
Sun Chlorella
• Seek to maintain Organic Diet - Eat ALL organic food to let your Immune System rebuild from preservatives & MANY harmful chemicals etc, in packaged foods! Eat brown rice, oats, beans & lots of GREEN veggies & some fruits
• Lots of room temp filtered water & Green teas- Kukicha, Bancha, Dandelion Root & Rooibos.
• Healthy foods to eat are vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, beans, lean meats, quality fish.
Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline (7.35 - 7.45). A pH of 7.0 is neutral. A pH below 7.0 is acidic. A pH above 7.0 is alkaline. Easy- Eating Most acidic foods– Beer/Wine/Liquor, Drugs, Dairy/Butter, Sugars, Sodas, Table Salt, Pork/Bacon/Poultry/Beef, easy on fish & related, clams-muscles-lobster, etc. Be good to your immune system - It WILL be good to you with - ORGANIC Food !
No or minimum, designed-chemically created-taste enhanced-preservatives laced, addictive packaged foods
Baking Soda –Molasses also done with success by others: ( GOOD maple syrup can be used instead of BSM)
• Jim Kelmun 75, (truck driver), treated 200+ terminal cancer sufferers, 185 lived @ least 15 years. Jim has been threatened with jail by authorities unless he stops administering his remedy – as he has no medical degree! Jim’s Remedy – Maple Syrup & BS (Bicarbonate of soda). Mix 1 part BS to 1-3 parts syrup. Heat LOW HEAT, stir rigorously in a pan for 5 min.
• Take 2 tspns of mix per day 1st week, 1 tspn per day for 2 weeks. Stop Remedy after 3 weeks
A Few Related “GOOD”Internet Searches & Authors to read of 100,000+ researched:

• Italian “Dr. Simoncini”
• Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr,
• Cesium Chloride, China Study-T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D
• Jim Kelmun, Dirk Benedict
• Forks over Knives
• Dr. Jim Howenstine, M.D.

• Vernon (Vito) Joshtini http://phkillscancer.com/vernons_dance_with_cancer
• Gregory Delaney, Cancer Tutor
• Acid Alkaline Foods,, Michio Kushi
• Verne Varona, Denny Waxman
• Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer
• The pH Miracle – R. Young

September 25, 2010 -Wolf Blitzer's Interview with Bill Clinton's Diet Guru’s, Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn & Dean Ornish - What the Interview Didn't Have Time to Explain about How to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet

President Bill Clinton is on a plant-based diet from Dr. Esselstyn & Dr. Ornish
Wolf Blitzer Interviews Esselstyn & Ornish - the Doctors Who Influenced Bill Clinton's Heart Disease Reversal Diet- Sept. 24, 2010
Yesterday my husband &I had the pleasure of watching Drs. Esselstyn & Ornish explain on national TV just how a Plant-based diet can prevent or reverse heart disease. Only, 9 minutes can't do it justice. So here's the rest of the story. As we watched, we enjoyed an amazing homemade whole wheat cheese-less pizza topped with kalamata olives, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, & artichoke hearts--that took just minutes to put together!
Sept. 2004: Bill Clinton has quadruple bypass surgery to repair blocked arteries after experiencing chest pain.
Feb. 10, 2010: Clinton has 2 stents placed in one of his previously-treated arteries, after one of his bypass grafts completely closed up. According to his MD, Clinton had "toed the line" adhering to diet, exercise & medical therapy
Spring, 2010: The stents fail to prevent further cardiovascular blockages. This is not an unusual occurrence. Clinton decides to read the medical literature about preventing and reversing heart disease. He discovers that there is only one one way to do this--a strict plant-based diet loaded with green leafy vegetables, and without meat, chicken, fish, dairy, or added oils. The two physician's who are pioneers in this treatment approach are Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish. Clinton decides to conduct his own personal clinical trial.
Dr.E sselstyn- Zero cardiovascular events have occurred in Dr. Esselstyn's original group of 17 compliant patients that he has followed for over the past 25 years. Esselstyn continues to work with hundreds of other patients who have similar success stories. There is no mortality, no morbidity, no expense from following a plant-based diet--if you eat in a way that makes the cap over your plaque super strong! Like most Americans, Wolf Blitzer didn't seem to understand why bypass surgery or stents cannot cure cardiovascular disease. These procedures only treat emergency blockages. And statins are no guarantee that it won't happen again. Too bad Dr. Esselstyn didn't have a chance to tell Blitzer this:
"Some people think the "diet" is extreme. Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery. Some people would call that extreme."
"The elephant in the room when we talk about stents and bypass surgery--those procedures don't protect from new heart attacks. Stents & bypasses are used to treat large arterial blockages. Yet according to many research studies only a small percentage of heart attacks are caused by the largest build-up of plaque. The rest are caused by the more numerous newer blockages that are far more inflamed and much more likely to rupture than the larger older, more stable plaques. So this is why those procedures don't treat the disease. They are treating the symptoms.

Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. & I have not had any medical training. I am just a person who has corrected my former cancer problem & simply chooses to share what I have learned with others. My hope is that it will give you the incentive to do some research yourself & then educate others about what you have learned. The only way we can truly be free is if we rely on ourselves to find the truth & not rely on others who have vested interests in presenting us with their version of the “truth”.