Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miraculous Immune Systems

Response: It WORKS with all cancers - However Brain & Bone cancers are more difficult. IMPORTANT - WE all need to let out immune systems - Do their miraculous thing - therefore give the immune system a chance to not be overworked !
No packaged foods or red meat, chicken, turkey, or fish unless from safe areas (until ok with cancer)
Filtered water 6- glasses daily
Green tea Kukicha & Bancha & a few other green teas no caffeine
Deep Breathing a LOT daily
Easy on fruits for a while
Easy on fats oils, breads etc
Lots brown rice, beans, tofu/tempeh, & VEGGIES, oats, seeds
No Cheating until cancer is gone !
4 months to clean/change our blood

Be GOOD to Immune System & IT WILL BE GOOD TO YOU